32 of our favorite refreshing summer drinks to beat the heat

32 of our favorite refreshing summer drinks to beat the heat

In the summer heat, refreshing drinks, whether cocktails or mocktails, can make cooling down a breeze. Here you’ll find plenty of summer sips to enjoy all season long. Are you in the mood for a frozen margarita or a fun summer twist on lemonade? We have these and more. Mix up a blender or pitcher full of any of these delicious recipes for warm-weather gatherings.

Cucumber and watermelon sangria

Courtesy of Jessica Merchant

During hot summer days, refreshing drinks are not only appreciated, they are practically mandatory! Healthy watermelon and cucumbers (two of the most hydrating foods on the planet) make this homemade summer drink the ultimate thirst quencher. Garnish each glass of white wine sangria with watermelon balls, cucumber slices, and lemon slices to hint at the flavors.

Avocado margaritas

Hannah Piggott

With avocado, jalapeño, cilantro, and lime, this margarita showcases everything you love about guacamole in a sweeter, more drinkable package. Instead of regular salt, top the cups with lime salt for added flavor.

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Strawberry Gin Slushies

Carla Conrad

Gin and juice get a mellow twist in this refreshing, icy summer drink recipe. With strawberry sorbet and fresh mashed berries, a double dose of fruit eliminates the need for extra sugar. Once you’ve mastered the basic recipe, try the same ratio with any flavor of sherbet and chopped fruit.

Refreshing cucumber and mint

Blaine trenches

You can prepare these healthy summer drinks in your blender if you don’t have a juicer. Simply pour the mixture through a sieve before serving so that the spinach juices are drinkable. Add a spoonful of honey if the watermelon doesn’t make it sweet enough for your taste.

Spicy pineapple mezcal smoke cocktail

Jason Donnelly

If you haven’t tried Mezcal yet, this is the summer cocktail you need to try to get acquainted. The agave-based liqueur gives this cocktail a naturally smoky flavour. Mixed with pineapple, serrano peppers, and tamarind, and topped with sparkling mango water, it checks all the boxes for a sweet-spicy sip.

Watermelon-berry limeade

Andy Lyons

Mix up this quick and simple refreshing summer drink in just 10 minutes when you’re in a rush to cool off. The best part? Each hydrating cup of this coconut water cocktail counts as a serving of fruit!

Raspberry or Mango Spritz-Ade Cocktails

Blaine trenches

In this light, modern twist on the margarita, we cut the sweetness of lemonade with a can of soda. Customize your refreshing summer liqueur with your favorite citrus atop cocktails and mixed berries. Serve over ice, add a stir stick to keep the drink well mixed, and enjoy.

Shandy ginger beer floats

Jessica Merchant

Instead of a classic root beer this summer, try a ginger ale and regular beer version! For a mature touch, we start with muddled crystallized ginger. Freeze your glass jars, beer mugs, or glasses for about two hours before building your floats to keep them nice and cold for as long as possible.

Apple cider vinegar drink

Matthew Clark

Muddy berries (choose whichever looks freshest at the market) star in this health-friendly tonic. It’s mixed with apple cider vinegar and lemon juice for a light summer drink. For more summer spirit, garnish with fresh basil or mint.

Rosé cucumber cooler

Andy Lyons

Fresh cucumber is what summer sangria is missing. This drink is proof! And even when it’s not summer, you’ll want to keep a bottle of St. Germain liqueur in your bar year-round to liven up any sangria recipe.

Summer fruit daiquiri

Scott Little

Mango, watermelon, peaches, strawberries – this icy daiquiri has it all. Make this cocktail a mocktail by replacing orange juice with light rum. Do you want a refreshing summer drink in the middle of winter? Follow the same daiquiri recipe using frozen and thawed fruit (then imagine your toes in the sand as you sip).

Crush cucumber and grapes

Jason Donnelly

There’s no alcohol in this summer drink, but since it’s so delicious, you won’t care. Blend the cooled cucumber, green grapes, and mint before adding the mixture to the ginger beer. It will go perfectly with a summer BBQ or an afternoon by the pool.

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Spicy tomato gin and tonic

Andy Lyons

That’s right, you have our permission to start your day with a refreshing summer drink! This gin and tonic take on a Bloody Mary is perfect for breakfast and brunch. Cherry tomatoes, fresh dill, and a little lemon will help you stay cool despite a squirt of hot sauce.

Sparkling Rosy Blueberry Float

Andy Lyons

Your favorite childhood treat has just been upgraded. This adult version features the perfect combination of sparkling rose wine, icy raspberry granita, and creamy coconut gelato. Sparkling wine cuts some of the sweetness from the scoops for a perfectly balanced homemade drink for summer.

Pink Rhubarb Lemonade

Carla Conrad

These ruby ​​red drinks are perfect for the whole family. Pink lemonade and lime soda will please kids, while a unique rhubarb reduction will appeal to adults. Instead of using a stir stick, serve with a rhubarb stalk that is a few inches longer than the glass.

Pineapple and cinnamon margarita

Andy Lyons

Lemon and pineapple combine for a double dose of tropical goodness in one cup. Additional flavor enhancers like a rim of cinnamon, sugar, and orange liqueur make these island-inspired cocktails feel like a vacation. For a mocktail version, try orange juice instead of triple sec and ginger instead of tequila.

Watermelon agua fresca

Blaine trenches

Hydration has never tasted better. Blended watermelon (choose seedless to minimize prep time) with lemon juice, sugar, and water or soda (the latter if you’re a fan of fizz!) makes a refreshing summer drink that kids and adults alike can sip.

June bug

Andy Lyons

Ice-cold scoops of sherbet give this refreshing, non-alcoholic drink a sweet finish, while grenadine and OJ combine to create a beautiful coral color. Complete this summer sip with plenty of fizzy ginger beer. Kids will come running to refill.

Tequila Sunrise Margarita

Blaine trenches

All you need to make this refreshing cocktail is some triple sec, lime juice, and of course, tequila. The red sugar rim gives it a fiery appearance. This cool summer drink is perfect for gatherings since you can easily mix nine servings in one pitcher and refrigerate it until guests arrive.

Summer dream sangria

Camille Simmons

Turn a bottle of rosé wine into a batch of summer goodness with this sunset-hued sangria. Four fruits and a spoonful of rose water help this drink live up to its seasonal name. Place a strawberry on the rim of each wine glass for a lovely, sweet snack.

Classic margarita

Andy Lyons

There’s nothing better than a delicious salt-rimmed margarita. Fill your favorite summer refreshing drink with fresh lemon juice to add originality. Instead of standard granulated sugar, add caster or powdered sugar so it dissolves easily into the cocktail.

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Bright citrus cocktail

Carson Downing

Enjoy a day in the sun with one of these fruity summer cocktails. The combination of limoncello (try making your own!), fresh orange juice, and chilled prosecco comes together in minutes. Garnish with lemon peel and sip.

Rose Collins

Andy Lyons

A spoonful of Campari bitters tame the floral rose notes in this poppy orange cocktail. Sprinkle the lemon on top with coarse sugar to balance the acidity. This refreshing single-serve summer vodka drink is perfect for cooling down on a hot, hot day.

Make-Ahead Frozen Margarita

Matthew Clark

Step aside, margarita mix. You can prepare these frozen summer drinks in just 10 minutes. When you’re ready to serve, take them out of the refrigerator, they will cool in no time. For a sweeter summer, make it with frozen strawberries.

Blackberry Bourbon Lemonade

Andy Lyons

A splash of sparkling lemon juice gives these summer drinks their refreshing, bubbly appeal. (Lemon-lime sparkling water works well, too, if you’re watching your sugar intake.) Add the syrup at the end for an interesting pop of color in each bourbon cocktail, then top with a few berries for garnish.

Great splash of juice

Andy Lyons

Enjoy your new sparkling cocktail filled with water. This vitamin-packed fruit and vegetable punch is perfect to serve during the transition from spring to summer. Carrot juice indicates cool weather, while pineapple and peaches predict warm days to come.


Andy Lyons

Please wine and beer lovers alike with this refreshing “spiky” summer cocktail. Pineapple and fresh rosemary are the secrets to getting your favorite sparkling white wine and pale beer to join forces. Choose Prosecco, Cava, or Cremant for a more budget-friendly option than Champagne.

Green tea soda

Francis Janisch

Get rid of the cans. You can make a fizzy mixture of home-brewed tea and sparkling water. Make your mocktail extra delicious by stirring in slices of stone fruit and fresh berries.

Lemon juice with carrots

Melanie Acevedo

This sunny orange lemonade is packed with natural sweetness thanks to fresh carrot and pineapple juice. In addition, it is full of vitamins A and C. Use white grape juice as a base if you prefer your sips on the sweeter side. For a more tart flavour, start with pineapple juice.

Raspberry Mojito Punch

Peter Cromhardt

Stay refreshed with a cup of this berry-infused mojito. Fresh mint, raspberries, rum, sparkling water and lemonade scream summer in a glass. If you want to keep the summer drink kid-friendly, omit the rum and increase the amount of sparkling water.

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