6 Chrome extensions to check weather from current tab

6 Chrome extensions to check weather from current tab

Are you in the habit of checking the weather frequently? Wouldn’t it be great if you could get weather updates in Google Chrome without leaving your current tab?

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Well, you’re in luck because we’ve compiled a list of extensions that show you weather updates right from the top bar in Chrome. This helps you avoid distractions by staying focused on the page you’re working on.

1. Weather forecast

Weather Forecast gives you an experience similar to that of a weather forecast mobile app. You can see the current temperature on the extension icon in the top bar without having to open any window.

The extension allows you to bookmark multiple sites by selecting the star next to the city names. You can check the detailed weather forecast for each location by clicking on the extension icon and browsing the pop-up window. You can get hourly, ten-day, and monthly forecasts.

This weather extension is run by a reputable source, Weather Underground, which makes the reports reliable and accurate. Additionally, it lets you check the weather in your area through radar and satellite views. Through these views, you can see weather patterns and unusual conditions emerging nearby.

The Weather Forecast app has a settings menu that allows you to change temperature units, along with the ability to adjust the frequency of forecast updates. For further customization, you can also adjust the size of the pop-up window that appears when you click on the extension icon.

download: Weather forecast (free)

2. Global weather

Check the weather on the World Weather Chrome extension

World Weather has a simple interface without a lot of eye-popping details. You can add multiple locations through its settings menu and get information like temperatures at different times of the day, pressure, humidity, visibility, and chances of precipitation.

As with the weather forecast, you can see the current temperature directly on the extension icon. If the readings seem wrong, you can change the units of measurement in the settings to make things more familiar.

World Weather provides three-day weather forecasts in the pop-up window attached to it. However, you can view the report for ten days on its website by clicking on the link below.

download: Global Weather (Free)

3. Fox expectations

Check the weather on Forecastfox Chrome extension

Forecastfox has a fairly classic-looking but informative interface. It uses AccuWeather in the backend, which is one of the best online weather service providers. It’s also a reputable source, so you can avoid any malicious behavior from the weather app.

There are three ways to check the weather with Forecastfox: the extension icon, the extension pop-up window, and the forecast bar in the upper-right corner. The icon displays only the temperature, the bar displays more details, and the pop-up window provides complete information.

Additionally, the pop-up contains a radar that shows real-time weather conditions around the world, helping you check upcoming weather periods and formations.

The extension offers various customization options in the setup menu. You can change location, units, choose icons from the list, and do more. It also allows you to turn off the forecast bar if you find it annoying.

download: Forecast Fox (Free)

4. Weather

Check the weather on Weatherly Chrome extension

Weatherly provides chart-based weather forecasts showing the minimum and maximum temperatures over the seven days of the week. You can analyze the forecast trend using this chart.

The extension lets you search for a specific location in its pop-up window and get details like humidity, pressure, wind, sunrise and sunset times, and more. The customization options are minimal, but you can change the modules and theme of the extension.

Overall, Weatherly is a simple extension that provides accurate information with only brief details. It’s a good choice if you’re just looking for a weather overview.

download: liturgical (free)

5. WorldWeatherOnline

Check the weather on the WorldWeatherOnline Chrome extension

WorldWeatherOnline, like Weatherly, provides summary weather reports. In addition to forecasts, it keeps a record of past weather. By default, you get a three-day weather report, but you can also check the ten-day weather forecast by clicking the link at the bottom.

The WorldWeatherOnline pop-up displays details such as precipitation index, air pressure, visibility, and humidity. Moreover, the real-time temperature is displayed on the extension icon for a quick view.

The extension supports multiple locations, which you can add in settings. It allows you to easily switch between selected locations by clicking on the left and right arrows next to the city name. Additionally, you have the option to change the modules and theme according to your preferences.

download: WorldWeatherOnline (Free)

6. Gesmitto

Check the weather on the Gismeteo Chrome extension

Gismeteo is a simple weather extension that provides just the necessary details. You can check the weather hourly or switch to the daily tab to see the five-day weather forecast. If you need more information, there is an option to view the 10-day report on its website.

Gismeteo provides information, including precipitation chances, wind speed, pressure, humidity, and more. As with all the accessories on this list, you can view the current temperature on the icon.

The extension allows you to change the temperature, wind units, and time format. You also have the option to switch between other available languages.

download: Jesmitto (Free)

How to install a Chrome extension on the top bar

When you add an extension to Chrome, its icon is hidden Accessories (Puzzle icon) by default, which is located to the right of the search bar. So, the extension icons we mentioned earlier will not be visible unless you pin it to the top bar.

Pin extensions to the top bar of Chrome

To do this, click Accessories To get a drop-down list of all installed extensions. Now, select the extension you want to install and press pin next to the extension name. Once done, your favorite weather extension icon will appear permanently in the top bar of Chrome.

Stay up to date with these weather additions

Using the above extensions, you don’t need to register an account to get basic weather forecasts. There is almost no setup process, all you have to do is download the extension, choose your city, and you are good to go.

Each extension offers a unique set of features, so it’s best to test a couple of them out before choosing the one you like the most. Alternatively, you can choose to install the weather app directly on your computer.

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