8 ways to help your furry friend beat the Vancouver summer heat

8 ways to help your furry friend beat the Vancouver summer heat

If you’re a pet owner, you’re probably looking forward to spending some time in the sun with your furry friend this summer. But as temperatures rise, it’s important to prioritize their health and make sure they stay cool.

The good news is that keeping your dog safe in the heat isn’t difficult, it just takes some preparation and following a few simple tips.

We’ve teamed up with the experts at Dogtopia, an award-winning North American dog daycare network, to share some tips on how to give your pet the best (and safest) summer ever.

Get plenty of water

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In the summer months, hydration is key. Dogs tend to lose moisture faster than humans, so it’s important to always have fresh water available. You can make the water stay cold longer by using deep bowls and adding ice cubes. And for an extra refreshment, surprise them with an icy, cold, sweet dog-friendly treat.

Provide shade

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When your puppy is playing outside, make sure there are shaded areas where he can escape the sun. Many traditional kennels can amplify heat by trapping it inside, so try to choose natural sources of shade. Trees, tarps, and awnings are great options because they don’t restrict airflow.

Know the signs of heatstroke

Educating yourself about the signs of heat stroke means you can recognize it if it happens to your favorite canine companion and treat it immediately. Signs of overheating include excessive panting, difficulty breathing, rapid heartbeat, glazed eyes, excessive thirst, weakness, and lack of coordination. Additional symptoms include seizures, vomiting, and fever.

Be smart about exercising

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Every dog ​​needs physical activity. If you’re bringing her out for a walk on a hot day, a good rule of thumb is to do it first thing at home In the morning or late at night, when temperatures are relatively cooler. It is also a good idea to adjust the intensity ADuraWalking depends on temperature and humidity levels. Remember to always have water on hand To reduce the risk of dehydration.

Watch their paws

It’s pretty simple: if the ground is too hot for your bare feet, it’s too hot for your dog’s paws! Asphalt, concrete and sand can heat up in the sun, even becoming hotter than the air temperature. If you can’t keep your feet comfortably on the ground for seven seconds, your puppy shouldn’t walk on them. Dog boots or shoes can be a great way to provide protection for their paws.

Never leave your dog in a parked car

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This should go without saying, but unfortunately, incidents of pets being left in parked cars still happen all too often. Within minutes, a parked car — even with the windows cracked or rolled down — can become hot and stuffy, creating a dangerous environment for your dog. If you find yourself heading somewhere that restricts your puppy’s access, it is best to leave him at home in a controlled environment.

Maintain their coat

Your dog’s hair is important in the summer months, because it protects him from overheating and sunburn. If they have a thick undercoat, be sure to trim it but never shave it. The goal is to allow air to flow through their hair to keep them cool.

Allow them to play inside


If you’re planning a day full of outdoor activities for your family, but are concerned about exposing your dog to the scorching heat, letting him play indoors at a doggie daycare center is a great idea.

At Dogtopia, your pup can enjoy up to 10 hours of open-air play in clean, safe, climate-controlled playrooms.

They’ll spend the day playing, socializing and burning off energy with other pups, all under the watchful eye of Dogtopia’s certified dog trainers. You’ll also be able to check in on them remotely via a live webcam accessible on your phone, tablet or laptop, giving you a live view of their fun-filled day.

For more information about Dogtopia, or to schedule an appointment for your pet today, click here.

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