9 New York City sensations that mean fall here

According to his love letter to the Big Apple in 1998 You’ve got mailNew York in the fall makes you want to buy school supplies.

That fresh air replacing the thick humidity of summer, readjusting to the balance of sweater weather, and the sudden sight of school buses on your morning commute are just some of the common sensations that indicate another New York City fall is in full swing.

Which of the following is your seasonal kryptonite?

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1. Go outside the first morning you feel the air

Since Memorial Day, you’ve only been wearing sweaters or hoodies when battling the arctic air conditioner in your office. When you leave the apartment sometime in mid-September and the breeze sends chills down your arms, it’s either a blessing for fall lovers or a kiss of death for summer loyalists.

2. Try a pumpkin latte at every independent coffee shop before guiltily stealing one from Starbucks

You may be happily separated from pumpkins until Thanksgiving, but for those on the “pumpkin everything” train, fall is a rush of riches. Every small business promoting a pumpkin spice drink is an opportunity to delight your taste buds, but you probably can’t stop short of the basic PSL at Starbucks.

3. Wear a layered outfit without it falling off throughout the day

You can’t beat the chic summer look but sweat often brings it down. You can successfully incorporate sweaters and scarves back into your outfits when you do them throughout the day without removing a single layer every hour. Let’s also not forget that first subway ride is not like stepping into a subterranean sauna.

4. Discover a brownstone ramp decorated with pumpkins, Halloween decor, or gourds

Every season in New York is perfect for a real estate desire, but spring and summer generally lack major stoop embellishments. Elaborate settings return in the fall, kicking off at least four months of a constantly renewed look. Expect to see picturesque steps in Brooklyn Heights or the Upper West Side decorated with fall leaves and pumpkins before a Halloween tournament of life-sized witches and ghouls.

5. Seeing the first glimpse of fall foliage

Fall leaves in New York City can be a hit or miss, and you can wait until late November to see the full array of colors in your favorite garden. This might call for a MetroNorth ride upstate or a weekend in New England to see “real” foliage, but the city’s late season change means you’re getting a double dose of foliage.

6. Buy apple cakes at a farmers market

If you can’t make it to an orchard this fall, cider donuts are plentiful at places like the Union Square Greenmarket. They can appear in booths as early as Labor Day, so even if you’re experiencing the last extreme heatwave of the year, you can show off fall with a bag of cookies.

7. Notice that the city suddenly seems busier on weekends

Summer weekends in New York often mean quiet streets and less crowded businesses as many residents leave to spend time. However, during your first walk into September, you may realize that the calm pace you’ve become accustomed to over the past few months is disturbed by the increased energy and crowd. It may be impossible to reserve a seat at your favorite café right now, but this new mood always encourages a pep in your step.

8. Dropping out of school on the way to work

When your commute involves public transport or walking, the abundance of children on their way to school alongside their parents or nannies makes the perfect accompaniment to the nostalgic September atmosphere. You probably didn’t get to school by riding your scooter along Park Avenue or Bleecker Street, but you loved your Disney backpack or new sneakers just as much as the cool kids of the city love their luggage.

9. Experience a perfect fall day and feel lucky to be in New York City

When all these ingredients fit into 24 hours, it’s hard to doubt that New Yorkers in the fall are a lucky breed. What better way to get through it all than by putting on your favorite version of “Autumn in New York” and enjoying the season?

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