9 Northeast states are under winter weather advisories on Wednesday

9 Northeast states are under winter weather advisories on Wednesday

After a wintry mix of freezing rain and snow hit the Midwest on Tuesday, the system is now on the move, and the effects of winter weather are now being felt in the Northeast and New England.

The National Weather Service (NWS) says a return of warm air and moisture pushing north and east over cold, retreating air is bringing freezing rain to the Northeast and New England that will continue Wednesday.

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However, the cold air may be deep enough to drop some accumulating snow as well, especially in New York and New England.

But the accumulations will not amount to much. Most areas that see snow are likely to receive less than an inch, but areas of New York State, as well as northern New England, could pick up a few inches of snow during midweek.

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However, snow is not the only concern in the area.

In areas where freezing rain will fall, up to 0.10 inch of ice could accumulate, the NWS says.

This will lead to some hazardous driving conditions locally, and winter weather warnings are in effect in 9 states across the region.

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The bulk of the alerts are in effect across the Northeast and New England and include cities like Albany, New York, Danbury, Connecticut, and Pittsfield, Massachusetts.

The entire states of Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine are also included in the winter weather advisory.

Warnings continue through Wednesday morning in New York, but continue through Thursday in inland New England. But while the wintry mix eventually changes to rain, dry weather remains elusive for parts of the mid-Atlantic, Northeast and New England.

“Moisture will continue to flow,” FOX Weather meteorologist Stephen Morgan said. “And we hate to do this to you, but by Wednesday and Thursday, the rain continues.”

Most areas will see up to 1 inch of rain, but some areas may see locally higher rainfall amounts of up to 1-2 inches across parts of Pennsylvania, New York and southern Connecticut.

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