A cold front keeps highs below 100 in San Antonio this week

A cold front this week will keep daily high temperatures consistently below 100 degrees for the first time in San Antonio since early July. As the front stalls later in the week, rain chances will come.

The weak cold front that swept across Texas on Monday will set the stage for a less hot afternoon on Tuesday in San Antonio.

Temperatures will start out in the low to mid 70s across central and south Texas during the morning. Mostly sunny skies during the day will bring temperatures into the middle and upper 90s, and San Antonio will likely avoid 100-degree temperatures.

Wildfire risks will remain high throughout Tuesday as warm, dry weather continues to provide prime conditions for fires to develop and spread.

While most areas will be rain-free on Tuesday, isolated showers cannot be completely ruled out in areas north of San Antonio as a fast-moving disturbance passes through. The front will take its time approaching San Antonio, so the chance of rain may return near us by Wednesday.

What is the forecast for Wednesday?

With a long-awaited cold front parked nearby, there may be enough energy in the atmosphere for isolated showers or a thunderstorm to develop during peak heat on Wednesday. This will be a hit or miss chance of rain, with most of the San Antonio area missing out on beneficial rain.

Since most of us won’t see rain on Wednesday, sunny skies are expected to allow for highs generally in the mid-90s. East to northeast winds will maintain moisture, but this dry air will increase the risk of wildfires. Open burning bans have been imposed in 217 of the state’s 254 counties, including most of the San Antonio area.

When do we get rain?

A stalled front will keep isolated rain chances persisting Thursday, but the front should get a boost across the San Antonio area by Friday. When this happens, it will increase the chances of widespread rainfall. Heavy rain could be heavy through Friday as the front advances. We will maintain rain chances through the weekend, although it looks like they will be more widely dispersed.

Rain chances will be low through the middle of the week, but a stalled front toward the end of this week will bring more widespread rain to and around San Antonio.

Weather Prediction Center/Weather Pivotal

Temperatures will generally be in the middle and upper 90s through Friday, but it is expected to be a little hotter into the weekend. High temperatures on Saturday and Sunday will drop to the upper 80s and lower 90s.

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