A Colorado dog missing for 10 days was found trapped in the snow just feet from a home

A Colorado dog missing for 10 days was found trapped in the snow just feet from a home

Blue River, Colorado. – A beloved family dog ​​who had been missing for 10 days was recently found, safe and sound, among snow drifts and fallen trees a short distance from her Colorado home.

On the morning of February 22, Pepper, a 6-year-old Black/Bernesian girl, disappeared from her home in Blue River. The family immediately contacted Summit Lost Pet Rescue a few hours later, and volunteers immediately rushed to help locate her.

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“We sent them our standard search protocols — we set up a scent station on their front porch (the owner's dirty clothes and dog bed), set up cameras, made social media posts to spread awareness, and hung (colored) neon signs in the neighborhood,” Melissa Davis said. “Boots on the ground searching,” said the rescue, executive director of the rescue, in a Facebook post this week.

Flyers were also distributed to neighbors and they were asked to check their garages, roofs, tree wells and any other places Pepper might be stuck.

“It's snowing deep in the Blue River with very high snow banks,” Davis said. “Since it was never seen, we assumed it was either stuck nearby or had been picked up and left Blue River.”

Family members and volunteers expanded their search to include nearby trails. Davis said it was likely Pepper was stuck in the snow, so they spent a lot of time snowshoeing and looking in areas where she could be stuck.

“We noticed several dog prints flying through the neighborhood near her home with no human tracks nearby, so it could be Pepper, and we tracked these prints as evidence,” Davids added. “Although she never appeared in front of our cameras, so we didn't know for sure.”

After the 10th day of searching, a Summit Lost Pet Rescue volunteer and his dog returned to the creek to continue their search for Pepper.

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“We often take our dogs with us on searches and use them as magnet dogs,” Davis said. “When pets go missing, they are often afraid of humans, but have better confidence with other dogs.”

During this particular search, Pepper was found trapped in a narrow section of the creek, surrounded by snow and fallen trees.

“Having a black dog under the roots of a black, muddy tree made it very difficult for Kevin (the volunteer) to see her, but his dog Finn saw her,” Davis said. “Eventually, Kevin saw her mark shining on her collar. He immediately called the owner, who arrived with his son to help.”

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Pepper's owners were able to use calming techniques and trek across the deep creek using snowshoes and poles to rescue her. It took three people to successfully restore it.

“In the end, she was stuck 714 feet from her home,” Davis said.

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