A lull and rain are on the way after an unseasonably hot October week

A lull and rain are on the way after an unseasonably hot October week

Sacramento, California –

Late season heat blast It will challenge daily records on Thursday before milder moves at the weekend.

A strong high-pressure ridge will shift eastward after the peak heat event on Thursday and temperatures will drop into the upper-mid 80s in the Valley on Friday. High temperatures on Thursday will be in the low to mid 90s in the Valley, well above the average of 78 degrees in Sacramento on October 19. The expected high for downtown is 92 degrees, which would exceed the daily record of 91 degrees.

After the heat, attention will be turned to the incoming low pressure system that will bring temperatures down and increase the chances of widespread precipitation.

Saturday will see the first batch of cold air after the warm weather. Temperatures will drop into the low and mid-70s in the valley under the influence of a low pressure system and skies will be partly cloudy as a cold front approaches the coast.

By Sunday, high temperatures will be in the upper 60s to 70s. The highest rain chances will also be on Sunday as the flow of moisture moves ashore with the system.

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Another mild storm system will slide through Northern California this weekend

As was the case with previous systems moving onshore, this storm will likely lose strength as it crosses over the coastal range. As a result, rain will be light in the valley with heavier rain expected along the coast, in the northern Sacramento Valley, and along the eastern side of the valley and foothills.

Temperatures are expected to remain moderate over the next week, with no rain expected. Northern California will have to wait until at least November for the first major winter-like storm of the season to begin.

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