A poor Cam Reddish/Max Christie play could lead to the Lakers signing this vet

A poor Cam Reddish/Max Christie play could lead to the Lakers signing this vet

The Los Angeles Lakers have had to deal with a lot of early adversity in the 2023-24 season. Los Angeles’ deep roster has certainly been tested early this season as several rotation players have already missed multiple games (and will continue to miss games) thus far.

Those who do play are not playing as well as the fans had hoped. Surprisingly, Cam Reddish was given a bigger role than expected and didn’t do much offensively in the Lake Show. He’s shooting 12% from three and blocked the game-winning shot against the Miami Heat on Monday.

His role was supposed to go to Max Christie, or so it seemed over the offseason. However, the second-year second-round pick doesn’t look ready to take on a bigger role in a contending team’s rotation. In the chances he got Christie didn’t like it.

This leaves a large gap behind Austin Reeves and it is a gap the Lakers may look to correct at the moment with the 15th spot on the roster. Amidst all the injuries and this disappointing play, the Lake Show may look to bring back a familiar face just for depth purposes.

Lakers may pursue Danny Green amid Cam Reddish/Max Christie struggles

Danny Green became one of the roster casualties of the James Harden trade and hit the open market as a result. Philadelphia was getting too many players for Harden, so the team was forced to waive Green just for the deal to work out.

While Green has not ruled out a reunion with the 76ers, a reunion with the Lake Show should at least be on the table with how the first part of the season is going. This Lakers team desperately needs an additional wing/guard who can fill out the bench.

Green is well past his prime and isn’t even the same player he was during his first stint with the Lake Show. However, he is still a solid, experienced veteran who can come in and give Los Angeles a solid 12-15 minutes of competent play off the bench.

Green is still an average defender at worst and can knock down shots at a much higher rate than Reddish. The two-time NBA champion has shot 39.7% from beyond the arc since leaving Los Angeles. This is much better than red. Maybe Green would have actually gotten the game-winner against the Heat.

It makes a lot of sense from a basketball standpoint to bring Green. The only counterpoint against Green is if the Lakers want to keep the roster spot open for a potential buyout candidate.

However, the buyout market won’t really take shape until March, and by then, the Lakers could easily create another roster spot by trading several smaller contracts for one player at the deadline. It would be silly not to address the weakness in the roster now because of the potential for marginal improvement in four months.

But hey, Darvin Hamm seems to have a lot of confidence in Reddish, so maybe he’ll still put him out there and draw game-winning looks for him despite his shooting issues.

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