A rainy week ahead for millions on the East Coast

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The northeast of the country is preparing for more heavy rains

After a stormy week, the Northeast is bracing for more rain to start this work week.

The FOX Forecast Center said the combination of a frontal boundary and a developing low pressure system could produce a few inches of rain for communities from Mid-Atlantic To New England, including the I-95 corridor.

Any rain that falls is expected to remain below that Severe weather standards, but for some regions, this may be the third period of heavy falling In a week.

Cities like Washington, DC, New York, Care of god, Boston And BangorIn Maine, everyone stands to see the rain falling.

Don’t worry Southeast, you’ll see rain too

Heavy rain is expected to hit Florida this week, increasing the risk of coastal flooding and dangerous rip currents.

The front will stall over the state and provide storm opportunities for Florida and the rest of the Southeast during the work week.

The depression, which will lie over the warm waters of the Gulf Stream, may attempt to take on some tropical characteristics, which remains highly uncertain at this time. Tropical or not, the low, combined with the high to the north, will bring increased rain and strong onshore winds for several days along Florida’s Atlantic coast and into the coastal Carolinas, the Fox Forecast Center said.

The National Hurricane Center is designating the area for potential tropical development within the next week.

Hurricane Headquarters: The Atlantic is not stabilizing

While forecasters are no longer tracking Lee or Margot, Nigel formed over the weekend and is expected to continue strengthening into a major hurricane.

Nigel is expected to stay away from North America, but Bermuda will want to monitor the hurricane for any unexpected shifts.

The National Hurricane Center has identified an area off the southeast coast for potential tropical development.

“A non-tropical low pressure area may form near the southeastern coast of the United States late this week,” meteorologists said. “This system could gain some subtropical characteristics this weekend if it stays offshore while slowly moving toward the north or northwest.”

Whether the area forms or not, a low pressure system will bring persistent rain to Florida and the Southeast Coast through most of the week.

In the east, a new tropical wave is expected to appear off the west coast of Africa by the middle of next week, according to the National Hurricane Center. It is expected to evolve gradually once it moves out of Africa and begins its journey west across the eastern tropical Atlantic Ocean.

It has a great opportunity to develop over the next seven days.

A geomagnetic storm watch has been issued; A solar storm can bring a vivid aurora

A geomagnetic storm may produce aurora borealis as early as this week, far from the poles from Seattle to Boston.

Noah Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC) in Boulder, Colorado, has issued a G2 (moderate) geomagnetic storm watch. On a 5-level scale For Tuesday.

FOX Weather Space expert Emilee Speck says the aurora borealis could be visible low on the horizon for the northern tier of the United States, including Seattle, Great Falls, Des Moines, Minneapolis, Chicago and Boston.

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