A round of storms heads into North Texas Sunday night: 1st warning

A round of storms heads into North Texas Sunday night: 1st warning

North Texas – A weather advisory is in effect Sunday night starting at 7 p.m. and continuing through Monday morning.

The severe weather threat includes damaging winds and large hail. The hurricane risk is not zero.

A thunderstorm watch including Tarrant and Dallas counties is in effect until 3 a.m

The Storm Prediction Center pushed the “slight” (yellow) risk area into D.C. Sunday afternoon with forecast model updates. We expect the serious threat to appear late Sunday night.

The threat increased due to strong winds coming from the west earlier than expected. This was the little extra lift needed for these storms. Large hail and damaging winds will be the main threat. Already Sunday afternoon, a thunderstorm warning is in effect until 9pm on our western edge.

These storms are located along the dry line and move toward the northwest late Sunday afternoon and produce large hail. Some of our northwest areas are at risk Sunday evening due to this activity. This is the area in red below.

The area in yellow that includes the Metroplex represents a threat from a cold front arriving sometime around midnight, for about an hour. These storms can produce hail and damaging winds. The tornado risk is very low but not zero.

The line should fill overnight. Then the main threat will be damaging winds. There is a small chance of a weak, fast-rotating tornado along the leading edge with these storms.

We expect these storms to be across our eastern counties by dawn. It will have weakened but still produce good rain with some lightning.

On Monday we expect winds to be southwest/westerly and high temperatures in the low 70s. Go out and enjoy your lunch hour.

Clouds return in the afternoon as another cold front enters, this one from the north with cooler air. It is possible to take a quick shower at the end of the day.

This is the best chance for some spring rain next week.

There is a slight chance of storms Wednesday afternoon, mostly in the western half of the country. Great weather for the Rangers’ home opener on Thursday, and the roof may even be open! Otherwise, expect some cooler mornings this week as we count down to Good Friday and Easter.

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