A severe cold and freeze warning is headed for North Texas

A severe cold and freeze warning is headed for North Texas

North Texas – Arctic air arrived Saturday afternoon and we expect freezing rain/sleet Sunday night into Monday morning. Travel issues are almost certain.

Weather alerts will be in place for the next three days to warn you of dangerous cold and ice on the roads.

Despite an early freeze in DFW on Saturday morning, temperatures rose into the low 60s. Then they dropped off in the afternoon. We reached freezing around 6 p.m., and will remain below freezing for the next 85 hours or so, until late Wednesday morning.

Temperatures will drop into the single digits in some places. A hard freeze is in effect due to dangerous cold Saturday night.

Wind chills by Sunday morning will be in the single digits. Wind chill warnings are in place through noon Sunday for the first time this season in the Metroplex.

This is it Dangerous cold. Please avoid prolonged exposure to this cold and dress so that there is little to no skin exposed if you are outside late Saturday night or Sunday morning.

As much as we are concerned about the extreme cold, there is greater concern about the potential for ice. A light freezing drizzle will begin to appear Sunday afternoon. It should turn to sleet/freezing rain in the evening and overnight. There will be enough to immediately stick to the roads. Sunday highs are only in the mid 20s.

Please try to stay off the roads from Sunday night until midday Monday. This will be when the roads are most dangerous, especially bridges and overpasses. It won’t be ice everywhere but you could be driving your car and suddenly hit a large area of ​​ice. It will be a holiday and I hope most people can take this advice and implement it. It’s okay to miss a trading day on a rare occasion.

If you were hoping for snow, most of North Texas sees very little. The best chance for snow accumulation is limited to the northeast along the Red River.

Oh, cold. Look at Sunday. DFW didn’t even have a day where it stayed in the 30s all day. Suddenly we were still in the twenties. I hope you spent the day preparing for this cold, by covering your outdoor faucets and bringing your plants inside or covering them. All pets inside please check on the elderly!

Check temperatures on Monday, Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I hope everyone can stay home!

The coldest morning appears to be Tuesday. Wind chills will be in the negative numbers at the bus station. Collect these babies!

The worst travel problems will be Sunday night and Monday morning. Patchy ice will still be on the roads Monday night and Tuesday morning. We will finally get above freezing by mid-morning Wednesday. We are still expecting below normal temperatures for the rest of the month.

The Weather Alert team will be present at the CBS News Texas Weather Center around the clock for the next few days. This is a serious cold with dangerous ice. Please keep checking for forecast updates.

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