A Severe Thunderstorm Watch is in effect until 11pm for the DC area

* Watching a severe thunderstorm Until 11pm*

The weather wasn’t quite as hot today as the previous five days, but it was still hotter than normal, with highs in the 90s in many locations. The humidity also rose, adding to the steamy situation. The combination of heat and humidity is expected to spark storms this evening, and we could see more rain and storms through the weekend.

The National Meteorological Directorate issued a severe thunderstorm alert for the area until 11 p.m. stating that a severe thunderstorm will occur. He watches It means that conditions are ripe for severe storms, but it does not guarantee that your location will be hit. Stay alert. But if a severe thunderstorm warning issued for a location, it means that a storm is imminent or occurring and you must seek shelter immediately.

The surveillance area is large and extends from the vicinity of Charlottesville to New York City, affecting approximately 43 million people.

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During this night: Rain and storms are possible during the evening. Any of these could become strong to severe with the risk of damaging winds and possibly some hail. The storm that forms will generally contain heavy rain and frequent lightning. As was the case yesterday, storms will likely be more numerous west of the area during the early evening although they may increase somewhat in the immediate area and to the east into the evening. Models suggest that universal coverage should be hit or miss rather than widespread. Lows are mainly around 70. Watch for a patch or two of fog late and during dawn. Winds are light after dark.

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tomorrow is Saturday): Any fog dissipates quickly. Partly cloudy conditions rule the day. We may see some increase in cloud cover later in the day with a chance of rain or storms. High temperatures are in the mid 80s to near 90. With the humidity out there, and dew points near 70, it feels more like the 90s from noon through the afternoon. Winds are blowing from the south about 5 to 10 mph.

Sunday: There may be some patchy morning fog again. Overall, it’s a little more cloudy compared to recent days, and the weather may be a bit more prevalent with rain or storms as well. Temperatures are mainly heading into the mid-80s. Still humid, with dew points near 70.

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