A warm and dry weekend for these cities

A warm and dry weekend for these cities

Bay Area residents can look forward to a fun weekend, as warm, dry weather is expected for much of the region.

This respite from the recent cool temperatures will provide great weather for entertaining, including leisurely strolls by the water or long walks in scenic areas. Here’s a look at when and where to expect the most comfortable conditions.

Recreational weather schedule

Warm, dry and sunny weather returns on Friday. Some of the most pleasant weather is expected to settle in along the Gulf Coast and coastal ridges of the Bay Area, with daytime temperatures climbing into the upper 60s to 70s on the waterfront, including the Embarcadero, Alameda Beach and Jack London Square.

Highs will generally remain in this range next to the water through the weekend, but are expected to reach the mid-70s on Saturday and Sunday in the inland valleys of the North Bay, South Bay and East Bay.

Residents hoping to hike the inland trails or take a day trip to Lake Observatory on Mount Hamilton should plan to wear plenty of sunscreen as UV levels rise in the afternoon hours. However, sunset will be around 5pm this weekend, so bring layers of clothing to match as temperatures drop into the upper 50s and lower 60s in the evening hours.

Enjoy it while you’re here, because stormy conditions return to the area starting early next week. Stay tuned for updates in the forecast.

Weekend breakdown

San Francisco: San Franciscans can expect a mild Friday and weekend, with sunny skies and a few occasional pockets of fog along the Presidio and along the Grand Expressway. Look for daytime highs in the mid 60s on the west side and upper 60s east of the Sutro Tower, with a slight possibility of temperatures reaching 70 degrees in Dolores Park and downtown by Sunday. After sunset, temperatures are expected to drop below 50 degrees Celsius.

East Bay: Residents across Alameda and Contra Costa counties can look for nice weather this weekend as sunshine and light winds bring daytime temperatures into the upper 60s along the Gulf Shore and Delta and low 70s in communities east of the Caldecott Tunnel in the Tri-Valley area.

Skies are expected to be partly cloudy in the afternoon hours along the Oakland and Berkeley Hills, while Alameda Island residents can expect some of the most comfortable weather in the region with a peak at the 70-degree mark amid sunny skies. Temperatures will quickly drop to the lower 50s after sunset.

North Gulf: Light winds off San Pablo Bay and the delta will bless Gulf Beach residents in cities like Tiburon and Vallejo this weekend. Look for sunny skies and daytime temperatures in the upper 60s. Residents of the inland valleys of Napa and Sonoma counties experience slightly warmer temperatures, reaching the lower 70s.

Partly cloudy skies return to the coast in the evening hours, with temperatures in the low to mid 50s after 7 p.m

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