A winter storm watch for some on Tuesday and a storm proposal for the rest of us

A winter storm watch for some on Tuesday and a storm proposal for the rest of us

February 10, 2024

This update, provided Saturday evening, is for the next weather event and winter’s attempt to reappear. There has been chatter about this event, and I even broke my protocol earlier this week to mention it 8 days before the scheduled date just to keep hope alive for snow lovers.

If you’re new to my site, I’m a self-conscious snow lover. With that in mind, I keep my bias in check and don’t get too carried away with the possibility of snow for two reasons: First, I don’t see the supply of arctic air needed. The other is inconsistency with the two main models. We started to see some agreement yesterday, but as of today, this is the comparison between the GFS models and the European models.

“Suggestions” model Tuesday morning

The US GFS model is constantly trying to bring snow near Baltimore. The European ECMWF is constantly trying to pull the storm to the north and clear the snow there as well.

For Baltimore, that snow will be on the northern edge or further north. This will be moderate and light snow in central Pennsylvania and possibly metro New York. Before I look closer, I want to help answer the big question I keep getting asked:

Why are the models so different?

To answer this, we can only look at the jet stream. This is the 500 mb level, about 18,000 feet above the surface. I’ve been focusing on the Blocking High in eastern Canada, or the lack thereof…but the short wave of the jet stream with this storm seems to be the key.

the GFS model It actually has a weaker event aloft, allowing low surface pressure and snow to track Father south into parts of Maryland.

February 10 Weather Storm Jet Stream GFS

the ECMW F modeI have a noticeably stronger short wave, which is pulling the surface low pressure to the north. This subtle feature could result in a shift upwards of 100 miles and a major consequence for a large human population on Earth.

February 10, weather storm, jet stream ECMWF

Back to the surface storm

GFS model animation

1pm to 7pm Tuesday

Weather Forecast for February 10 Snow Storm Tuesday GFS

Shot 7 a.m. Tuesday

Low pressure near Cape May, New Jersey.

“IF” we see snow in Maryland, it could be a slushy mix across the northern suburbs of Baltimore.

This is a classic setup where higher elevations inland have a better chance of snowfall and possibly slushy adhesion. This will approximate the I-95 corridor between Philadelphia and New York.

Weather forecast for February 10 with a Tuesday morning snow storm from GFS


This is crucial! I don’t see a freeze in our area. It can snow with temperatures in the mid-30s, and if moderate snow falls at night, it can outperform warmer ground for a slushy stick.

Since the freeze line seems isolated as far west as Maryland and central Pennsylvania, I hesitate to even mention the possibility.

Weather forecast for February 10. Temperatures Tuesday morning


If you see a potential snowfall map, run away! In fact, just look carefully. The Earth has warmed in the 1950s and 1960s, as well as a lack of Arctic air. Much of what may fall will melt or become exposed.

The warmest solution

ECMWF model animation

1pm to 7pm Tuesday

Weather forecast for a snow storm on February 10, Tuesday ECMWF

Shot 7 a.m. Tuesday

The low pressure is located near Atlantic City, New Jersey. This is not far north, but upper air influence dominates the location of the cold air support.

This pushes the snow line onto I-81 in southern PA. This is north of York and closer to Harrisburg. The central PA is still in a state of accumulation, however Philadelphia remains wet and the New York metro is a rain to sloppy mix on its north side.

Weather forecast for February 10 with a snow storm Tuesday morning ECMWF

Winter storm watch

The National Weather Service issued the latest alerts to run late Monday night through Tuesday morning for this event.

The southern edge of the area of ​​concern is near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. North Philadelphia and New York remain.

This is consistent with European temperature and surface plots.

He doesn’t promise the final snow line…just better odds now that there will be an impact on travel. Moving closer, this area will be modified to a Winter Weather Warning or Advisory depending on the expected snow totals…. Some areas not found in Watch can be added now.

February 10 Winter Storm Watch Tuesday

Stay tuned….

The slight shift in the storm’s track, intensity, timing, and how cold temperatures fall will all play a role in what may remain on the ground.

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