A wintry mix is ​​expected in the Midwest on Wednesday, and flash flooding in the Southeast

A wintry mix is ​​expected in the Midwest on Wednesday, and flash flooding in the Southeast

Heavy rain and the threat of flash flooding continue Wednesday across the Lower Mississippi Valley, Southern Plains, Southeast and Gulf Coast.

Additional flash flooding is possible over the central Gulf Coast into the lower Mississippi Valley, according to the National Weather Service. Heavy rainfall may be excessively high over parts of central Louisiana, central Mississippi and northwest Alabama due to an organized complex of storms.

The Central Gulf Coast will face flash flooding concerns Wednesday night into Thursday from Louisiana into southwest Virginia and southeastern Kentucky, the National Weather Service reported.

Forecasters are also warning of the potential for major flash flooding in the Rochester, Minnesota, and Cleveland, Ohio, area, where rivers and streams swell and rise.

In the Midwest and Great Lakes region, freezing rain and snow showers will spread to the Northeast Wednesday afternoon with light accumulations expected, the weather service added.

The trend of warmer air across the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic and East Coast will cause snow to melt through Friday with highs reaching the 40s and 50s.

Florida will see warmer weather through Friday, with temperatures approaching 80 degrees.

Meanwhile, coastal rain and mountain snow began Tuesday night in the Pacific Northwest.

Flood warnings appear across the Southeast

Heavy rains that fell on the southern United States and Texas sparked flood warnings throughout Wednesday and into the rest of the week.

The National Weather Service warned of the possibility of flash flooding in southeast Texas until Wednesday evening. The area south of San Antonio was also on a severe thunderstorm watch Tuesday night Forecasters warn From “golf ball sized hail” falling in some counties.

Parts of Tennessee were also placed under a flood warning until Thursday afternoon. The weather service warned that some areas of Tennessee, including Memphis, could see up to six inches of rain throughout the weekend.

Most of Louisiana braced for the possibility of heavy rain and possible flash flooding on Wednesday. The region, which includes Baton Rouge and New Orleans, was also at a slight risk of severe weather, including “damaging winds and isolated tornadoes,” according to the center. New Orleans NWS.

Mississippi was hit by heavy rains

A large swath of Mississippi and part of Louisiana could see up to six inches of rain with flash flooding possible through Thursday.

The National Weather Service warned of the potential for flash flooding caused by “heavy rain” across central Mississippi through Thursday afternoon.

With a 100% chance of rain on Wednesday, the area is expected to experience heavy rain through Thursday, according to Accuweather.

Freezing rain and dense fog in the Midwest

Heavy fog fell over the Midwest, while some areas prepared for freezing rain on Wednesday.

the NWS urged drivers In northern Illinois and northwest Indiana driving slowly under foggy and cloudy conditions is expected through Thursday.

Travelers in Cleveland, parts of Ohio and in Detroit on Wednesday morning also encountered dense fog with visibility only a quarter-mile or less.

A bout of freezing rain It is expected to pass through southwestern Wisconsin, northwestern Illinois and eastern Iowa, including Cedar Rapids, on Wednesday morning.

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