Alaska’s largest city is approaching its snowiest November on record after a “snow emergency” last week

Alaska’s largest city is approaching its snowiest November on record after a “snow emergency” last week

Anchorage, Alaska — Alaska’s largest city declared a snow emergency last week after a winter storm dumped record amounts of snow, and with more snow falling this week, Anchorage is now less than an inch away from achieving its snowiest November on record.

Anchorage broke its daily snowfall record last Wednesday when 9 inches of snow fell in 24 hours. An additional 8.2 inches accumulated the next day, setting another daily record. Another 3.6 inches fell on Friday, bringing the three-day winter storm total to 20.8 inches between Nov. 8 and 10.

Alaska was hit by another snowstorm earlier this week when 8.7 inches of fresh snow accumulated in Anchorage on Monday, breaking the daily record for Nov. 13. That was preceded by 0.2 inches on Sunday, resulting in a storm total of 8.9 inches.

That means Anchorage received 29.7 inches of snow last week alone.

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Anchorage is approaching its November snowfall total

As you can see, November has been a busy month of snowfall in Anchorage – and we’re only two weeks into the month.

According to the National Weather Service, the average snowfall in Anchorage between November 1 and November 14 is 5 inches. This average is based on records from 1991 to 2020.

Through Tuesday, Anchorage recorded 37.9 inches since the first day of the month, meaning the city’s November total is now 32.9 inches above average for that point in the month.

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The snowiest November since records began in 1953 was a total of 38.8 inches set in 1994. That means Anchorage is just 0.9 inches away from breaking that record. With 16 days left in the month, there is every possibility of breaking the record.

November 2023 currently ranks as the 6th snowiest month on record in Anchorage. February 1996 ranks first with 52.1 inches of snow.

Anchorage averages 77.9 inches of snowfall during the entire winter, making it the seventh snowiest city in the United States with a population of at least 50,000. It has received 39.1 inches of snow since October, meaning it has already picked up half a season’s worth of snowfall before winter begins.

More snow is on the way to Alaska

Winter weather advisories are in effect across The Last Frontier, including winter storm warnings and winter weather warnings, due to the risk of heavy snowfall.

The highest elevations could pick up 2-3 feet of snow over the next week, but lower amounts are expected in Anchorage.

Winter storm warning standards for us have been renewed by the National Weather Service

However, the National Weather Service said there is a possibility of tree limbs falling due to winds that could exceed 25 mph. These winds may cause tree branches to break due to the weight of the snow, and a power outage may occur in the area.

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