An offshore storm to bring a chance of thunderstorms to the Gulf region

An offshore storm to bring a chance of thunderstorms to the Gulf region

The storm system responsible for this week’s gloomy skies and light pockets of rain across Northern California is expected to bring more unstable weather to the Bay Area. Rain showers are expected during the final days of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum, along with some lightning strikes.

Like a conductor drawing out the full potential of their orchestra, this week’s storm is set to collect moisture from an atmospheric river. However, the impacts will not be as widespread or intense as the storms California experienced last winter. As the system balances wind dynamics and general humidity, there will be an increased chance for locally increased precipitation and thunder rumbles on Thursday and Friday.

During these days, Bay Area residents can expect occasional rain showers with up to a tenth of an inch of rain per hour on Thursday and Friday. This will likely add up to three-quarters of an inch of rain to the Gulf Shore and south-facing foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains and Sonoma County, while inland residents can expect nearly a tenth of an inch.

The rain in the morning hours of Thursday and Friday is expected to turn into heavy rain in the afternoon. Cloud breaks will help warm the ground, causing an imbalance of energy in the air that leads to thunderstorm activity.

Air energy levels are expected to rise during the afternoon hours of Thursday and Friday. Rain is expected to feed off some of this energy, causing some of it to turn into thunderstorms.


Weather models indicate a slight chance of lightning along the immediate coast Thursday afternoon and Friday, although a stray thundershower or two is not out of the question for residents in the broader Bay Area. Be sure to go inside if you hear any clanking or see any flashes.

The energy fueling thunderstorm activity is expected to dissipate in the evening hours of Thursday and Friday, leaving behind light rain across the Bay Area. Rain is expected to continue through Saturday, although the chances of thundershowers will decrease significantly over the weekend. Be sure to subscribe for more updates to this week’s forecast.

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San Francisco: Humid winds from the south will blow into the city throughout the morning, leaving rain showers in their wake. Expect wet and gloomy conditions to continue into the afternoon hours. Look for daytime highs in the lower 60s.

Residents hiking around Twin Peaks will want to watch for a slight chance of a thunderstorm or two throughout the day. Light rain will continue until the night hours, with temperatures dropping to the upper 50s.

East Bay: Gray skies and a slight chance of precipitation are available for residents in Alameda and Contra Costa counties. Residents in Gulf Beach communities like Oakland and Berkeley can expect rain in the afternoon hours, while sprinkles will fall east of the Caldecott Tunnel in the Tri-Valley area.

There is a chance of thundershowers this afternoon, which could cause brief heavy rain. Light rain is expected to continue after sunset as overnight temperatures drop into the mid-50s with water and the 50 degree mark inland.

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