Another Draymond Green battle, plus Deion’s A&M response

Another Draymond Green battle, plus Deion’s A&M response

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Good morning! Don’t choke today, please.

While you were sleeping: Draymond Green choked out Rudy Gobert

A simple title is best, because it actually happened in a wild scene that I still can’t believe. Just 1:43 into Minnesota’s 104-101 win over the 8-2 Warriors, a brawl broke out, and Draymond Green did this:

This is Minnesota center Rudy Gobert getting the full treatment from WWE. Applying a headlock knocked Green out, along with original fighters Jaden McDaniels and Klay Thompson. The referees determined that Gobert was trying to break up the McDaniels-Thompson fight and gave him two free throws. The most shocking fact about all this: The result was 0-0. No points, just battles.

Green will likely face a suspension for his actions, and I’m curious to know how long, considering his disciplinary history. The game itself was a complete mess too, and Anthony Slater sums it all up here.

All of this happened during the early stages of the season tournament. Multiplayer: Hot? We also faced Anthony Davis in a Lakers vs. Grizzlies matchup.

Bonus: The Clippers are now 0-5 with James Harden after losing 132-126 to the defending champion Nuggets last night. Woof.

Tall Guys: The Next Big Rivalry in the NBA

Also in last night’s In-Season Tournament: Chet Holmgren’s Thunder beat Victor Wimpanyama’s Spurs 123-87, but the game was more than just a simple score. It could be the beginning of the best new story in the NBA. quickly:

  • We’ve talked a lot about wimpanyama, but Holmgren deserves his flowers, too. He made headlines last season after a standout season at Gonzaga and an early brilliance in Summer League. Then he got injured, and we kind of forgot about the 21-year-old.
  • Holmgren played well enough over the summer and early part of the season to refresh our memories. He and Wembanyama Rolling shots In a thrilling Summer League game in July, but both were fine last night: Holmgren scored nine points, while Wimpanyama had eight. In fact, it was Wemby’s worst match to date.
  • However, these two are No. 1 and 2 in the early balloting for Rookie of the YearLike Sam Amick He explained yesterday. Moreover, it’s exciting – the 7-4 Thunder are arguably the best young team in the league, while Wimpanyama is a world of its own. These two look too So Similar on the field, lanky giants standing over 7 feet tall with unnatural guard skills. yesterday bounce, reboundZach Harper described them as “basketball giraffes.” Fair or not, they will be compared for years to come.

There are other candidates who deserve ROY as well, of course Read Sam’s full story to see the list.

News you should know

Deion almost denied A&M’s interest
Smell it? We’re back in my favorite season, when college football coaches do everything but answer “no” to questions about open positions. Deion Sanders was created for this purpose. When asked about Texas A&M, Sanders talked about how much he loves Colorado, even noting that his dog seemed to enjoy it there. His comments are worth reading, and none of them contain any specific statement about not leaving. He is simply and passionately focused on Washington State. Provide me with more. (If you want to see the opposite trend, see Oregon coach Dan Lanning’s outright denial of Aggie interest.)

The Beavs and Cougs are Pac-12
Speaking of Wazzu, there are only two voting members on the Pac-12 right now: Oregon State and Washington State, the two who are uncertain in next year’s conference. Schools He won in court against the ten departing member schools, giving OSU and WSU control of the conference’s finances, pending appeal. We’ll have more on this tomorrow.

Star goalscorer available
The Bulls have been increasingly open to making Zach LaVine available in trade discussions, The athleteShams Al Sharaniya I mentioned yesterday, where three contenders eye the 28-year-old All-Star: the Lakers, 76ers and Heat. This guy’s offensive game is built for the postseason, and he deserves to play some big games next summer. Expect the market to mature soon.

More news

Mixups: Wait, which team is shooting their OC?

The Bills and Jets play this weekend, a meeting between two teams with the most baggage in the league. They both had high hopes for this year. Both seasons were disastrous for different reasons. However, on the surface, they appear to be reading each other’s tests.

Let me explain:

  • Buffalo is 5-5 despite having a good offense with an inconsistent franchise quarterback. The defense was beaten. However, they are Offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey was fired yesterday. huh?
  • But for those who live in Buffalo, it wasn’t a shock. Crime fluctuated throughout the year, even if the numbers were large. With the exception of a few good engines and one good game, the unit was fragile. Timing is also important: The Bills have a tough schedule ahead of them. To stay on this path would be tantamount to giving up.
  • Then there are the Jets, who are sticking with offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett despite failing to score an offensive touchdown over the last 11 quarters. Zach Wilson’s brief comeback earlier in the season has come to an end. The 5-5 Bills needed a spark, and the 4-5 Jets – whose offense is worse than Buffalo’s – right? Good.
  • The reason is likely simple: Aaron Rodgers loves HackettHackett’s dismissal will likely discourage Rodgers from returning this year or even next year. But, as Zach Rosenblatt Expertly crafted todayMaybe the Jets should consider moving anyway. Spoiler: Hackett wasn’t a great player.

Picks will fly on Sunday. can’t wait.

Watch this game

NCAAF: Buffalo at Miami (Ohio); (Central Michigan, Ohio).
7pm ET on ESPN2; Aspnu
Nothing like some Wednesday MACtion.

NBA: Kings at Lakers
10pm ET on ESPN
Both teams are struggling early, but this should be fun regardless. I don’t know if I’m more curious about the Lakers’ ability to continue this year or if the Kings will be able to maintain the momentum that Beam has been fueling since last season.

Pulse shots

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