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the Arizona Football Team beats Utah State University 1-0 to The seventh game of the 2023 season On Sunday 10 September, At 11:30 am in Murphy Field at Mulcahy Football Stadium. The last time Wild cats game The old man behind In 2006led to a Arizona wins 1-0.

get into the game, Nicole Dalin He was a player to watch, as he had He scored a goal in almost every match of the season.

The first period

Arizona He started by taking possession of the ball and taking it to the end The Aggies network. a The corner kick has been taken in the second minute by Wild catsbut nothing happened from it. Utah Return the favor and pass the ball into the opponent’s net Take a shot on Arizona goals Hope Hessy. Both teams showed good control of the ball, but everything was slower because Extreme heat.

“When it’s hot like this, when the ball is rolling fast, we want to play with our bodies more rather than breaking the lines with through balls.” Dalin He said. “I think we got the advantage with the heat today. They were dying today, so we were able to use that to our advantage.”

Multiple alternatives He was Made by both teams In the 21st minute. the Arizona Hit the heat 106 scores in the middle of the game It affected both teams. in order not to overheat it, Arizona Coach Becca Moross Make an effort to rotate players.

Arizona He did a great job of spreading the ball around and switching up the field with crisp passes, causing it Utah to run back and forth.

the The first half ended 0-0.

Second period

The second half started with a low energy but both teams kept going Back and forth with chances on each other’s goals.

he was there Corner kick In the 69th minute on The Aggies network. Megan Art He ran as fast as he could, trying to head the ball at the back of the pitch Utah net, but it was not successful.

And in the 70th minute. An error was called on Utah, Which led to him receiving a yellow cardBut the punishment The kick went straight to the goalkeeper. The referee called for a water break in an attempt to help the two teams calm down in the second half. after the water is cut off The old man He controlled the ball in the 74th minute.

In a clear law He was throughout the attackbeating the players in the middle with pure perseverance and Take a snapshot In the Minute 75. Dalin Receives the ball in the middle of the penalty kick And in the 76th minute He then turned and beat the defender while kicking the ball with his left foot outside the penalty area into the top right corner of the net, putting the ball into the net. The score is 1-0 Wildcats.

Ella Hatteberg A wonderful cross on goal, then he followed it up with great defending in the 80th minute Jordan Hall He made a final attempt with his left foot He also shot in the 80th minuteBut it went too far To the left.

Hessy Put it all on the line with the body Memorizes from Utah Fire outside the box it It led to a corner kick. Arizona He was Saved again by Hessy in Minute 84.

Extreme pressure occurred ArizonaBack line in The last few minutes. One of the bullets hit the upper columntruly Close to becoming a target And risk ArizonaLead.

Aranda Herg He went down From a hard collision In the last four minutes of the gameThe match was stopped while the medical staff rushed to the field. urge She seemed to be fine, but she seemed in pain and unsure of what had happened.

ArizonaThe team’s defense was barely coherent until the end, and many mistakes were made, however Hessy I did what I had to do in order to protect the network.

Hope (Hesi) He is one of the biggest organizers on the field; She sees everything, so she can give us a lot of really good information. Great defender Sarah Rice He said. “I think we’re getting better every game – and obviously there are some holes we have to fill – but I think a lot of people are stepping up and doing really well.”

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