As winter sports face warm weather, will science save the snow? | environment

As winter sports face warm weather, will science save the snow?  |  environment

On a postcard-perfect winter day, Chris Plumback, general manager of Pat’s Peak in Henniker, ponders the future of snow.

It’s a long-term concern, as climate change heralds warmer winters, melting snow and more erratic weather. In New Hampshire, where skiing is the state sport, the number of snow sports enthusiasts grows every year. Snow making can be a difficult challenge for ski resorts.

Dan Egan, general manager of Tenney Mountain Resort in Plymouth, has skied all over the world and attests to the impact of rising temperatures.

Advances in ice making

water pumps

General Manager Chris Blombeck shows off the water pumps that push 3,800 gallons per minute up the mountain to make snow at Butts Peak in Henniker.

Old time equipment

The original air compressor for making ice at Pat’s Peak, purchased used from Packard Motor Company in Detroit, was first used 50 years ago and is now used in mothballs.

Batts Peak Compressor

General Manager Chris Plumback stands next to the state-of-the-art air compressor that powers the snow-making system at Butts Peak.

Fooling Mother Nature

Improve technology


A snowmaking fan stands idle on a very warm evening at Butts Peak.

Relying on ingenuity

The weather is up and down

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