Atlanta was inundated by floods that swept away cars and inundated the Georgia Aquarium

Atlanta – Thunderstorms caused flash flooding across central Georgia Thursday afternoon, submerging vehicles in downtown Atlanta as roads filled with floodwaters.

A powerful storm dropped about 2 inches of rain in less than two hours, according to FOX Weather Chief Meteorologist Greg Diamond.

Photos and video from Atlanta captured how flooding affected Georgia’s capital. The video above shows one scene where the parking lot was turned into a small lake, swallowing cars and even part of a FedEx truck.

The photo below shows the vehicles being swept down the hill by fast-moving floodwaters, landing in a flooded parking lot near Mercedes-Benz Stadium, according to FOX 5 in Atlanta.

How much floodwater would it take to damage a car?

Another photo shows flooded roads under two bridges as drivers try to make their way.

Videos circulating online showed floodwaters at the Georgia Aquarium, which ended up closing for the rest of the day. Officials issued the following statement to local station FOX:

“This has nothing to do with the safety of our exhibits and does not impact our animals. The water is completely weather related, and we have crews currently working to clean up. There were some severe thunderstorms in the area earlier and the water is rainwater.”

In addition to the floods, the storms also uprooted trees. The following photo was taken in northwest Atlanta on English Avenue, where tree branches snapped and fell onto the road.

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The area was under a severe thunderstorm warning earlier Thursday afternoon, affecting more than 770,000 people. According to Diamond, there are still scattered storms in the forecast for Atlanta through Thursday evening.

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