Avalanche danger, weather warnings and flight delays

Avalanche danger, weather warnings and flight delays

The road to Siglufjörður is through the Strákagöng Tunnel this morning.
Photos/Icelandic Roads and Coasts Administration

Avalanche danger is expected to increase due to overnight snowfall and the subsequent blizzard.

Therefore, the Icelandic Roads and Coastal Administration has placed three routes at a so-called uncertainty level. Two routes in North Iceland and one route in the Westfjords.

The weather forecast is bad tonight and this morning.

Orange Warning: Strong winds expected

Last night the road management uncertainty level was implemented on the Siglufjörður Road and the Ólafsfjörður múli Road from 21.30 until 4 this morning. Strong gusts were expected and from 4am this morning the level of uncertainty in Súðavíkurhlíð was announced by Ísafjarðardjúp in the Westfjords.

It should be noted that the danger of avalanches applies to these roads, but is not considered a threat near settlements.

Significant risk can be created

According to an expert at the Met Office’s avalanche division, warm temperatures will pose a risk early tomorrow.

In the west, there isn’t much snow, but quick showers and warm temperatures are expected in the evening. In the north, temperatures are starting to rise, and there will be a great deal of warmth after midnight.

In addition, there may be a significant risk, but it has been snowing in recent days, although it is not considered heavy snow compared to what it would be at this time of year. However, in this type of weather, there is great danger on the roads.

The Fjarðarheiði road is closed, as are the roads through Möðrudalsöræfi and Dynjandisheiði. Öxnadalsheiði is also uncertain and may be closed soon, according to the Roads Administration.

No information was received about the possibility of opening the roads.

Delay travel beyond midday if possible

On a general level, road users across the country are asked to follow the weather forecast and the Icelandic Roads and Coastal Administration suggests postponing travel until the afternoon if possible.

“Weather-related conditions are in effect on roads in most parts of Iceland.” A storm was expected to hit the entire country last night and this morning, and yellow and orange weather alerts from the Icelandic Meteorological Office will be in effect in many places as early as 4:00 a.m. according to the Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration website. But the meteorologist at the Icelandic Roads and Coasts Administration also draws attention to the fast winds:

“The sun is a very warm and windy day, with strong winds and warm temperatures night and morning. The winds are moving quickly across the country, and the winds are very gentle and low.

Expect delays if traveling abroad

Passengers traveling abroad should check their flights in time, because due to the weather, delays are expected this morning, both with Icelandair and PlayAir, but they should return to their route during the day when the weather calms.


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