Ayodhya Weather: Ahead of Ram Mandir inauguration, IMD expects dry weather and moderate fog

Ayodhya Weather: Ahead of Ram Mandir inauguration, IMD expects dry weather and moderate fog

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Thursday 18 January: Ayodhya, widely considered the birthplace of Rama, is currently abuzz with activity as the grand opening of the Ram Mandir approaches. Preparations are in full swing for the ‘Pran Pratishtha’ ceremony scheduled to be held on January 22, 2024.

This momentous occasion will see the gathering of more than 7,000 dignitaries, including politicians, celebrities and spiritual leaders. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is scheduled to grace the event as the chief guest. The question is, will the skies remain clear for the smooth implementation of all planned events?

Most pockets of the plains of north India, including Uttar Pradesh, are recording extreme cold and dense fog. Since the jet stream winds blowing over the region only add to the cold, the India Meteorological Department (IMD) has forecast up to Very thick fog And Very cold day Conditions in the state until next Monday, January 22.

However, while cool daytime conditions prevail over Ayodhya from today, January 18, the weather will improve – almost miraculously – starting tomorrow.

Ayodhya weather forecast for January 19-22

Thursday 19 January: Dawn will break with a minimum temperature of 8-10°C, gradually rising to a maximum of 17°C in the afternoon. Likewise, dry weather and shallow to moderate fog (visibility range 500-1000 metres) can be expected in the morning hours. The sky will be clear in most areas during the rest of the day.

Friday, January 20: Similar weather conditions are expected on Friday. The minimum temperature will remain unchanged, while the maximum temperature will rise slightly to 18 degrees Celsius. Foggy weather prevails (visibility range 200-800 metres) in the morning, and the sky is likely to become clear after that.

Saturday 21 January: A slight change in the weather pattern is expected on Saturday. Night temperatures may drop slightly compared to Friday, but daytime temperatures are likely to remain unchanged. The weather is likely to be dry, with shallow to moderate fog (visibility 200-800 metres) in the morning. The sky will likely remain clear later.

Sunday 22 January: The big day arrives! No significant change in temperatures is expected. The day promises clear skies and pleasant weather, perfect for the grand opening ceremony of Ram Mandir. With thousands of worshipers expected to gather, clear skies will ensure a smooth and memorable experience for everyone as they witness this historic event.

These forecasts are based on the latest IMD forecasts available at the time of writing. Weather conditions can change, so it is always advisable to check the latest updates before making plans.


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