Beat the heat at Michigan’s four “coolest” places

We’ve had a number of heatwaves and droughts this year in Michigan, which has us all wondering how we can stay cool while out and about.

It turns out that there are plenty of “cool” places around Michigan that can keep your core temperature down, and away from the oppressive heat that summer can bring.

While most people will confirm that Michigan gets a lot of snow and rain in the winter, we have other seasons too. In fact, the fall and spring seasons in Michigan are some of the best times to see the state. But we get very warm in the summer.

This year, in particular, two late-year heat waves have put parts of Michigan in the mid-1990s at a high for several days. Of course, we need to find ways to calm our nerves, or at least give the illusion that we are living in much cooler times.

These are the four coolest places to visit in Michigan to at least feel like we’re not in the middle of a heatwave.

Literally the “coolest” city in the entire state, Vanderbilt Standard low temperature setting -51 degrees Fahrenheit In February of 1934. Indeed, 1934 was a year of extremes on both ends of the spectrum. Five months later, about two and a half hours south, Ann Arbor, Detroit, and Jackson, Michigan, had record high temperatures of 105. That means there was a swing of 156 degrees in Michigan that year.

Michigan is also known for its snow. Especially in the North, and in the UP Hutton It has the highest average snowfall in the entire state, in the middle of the Keweenaw Peninsula, in the Upper Peninsula. It averages about 202 inches of snow each year. So while we’re sweating a lot in the ’90s now, we’ll just have to wait for Hutton to be lumped together, buried under an average of 16 feet of snow each year.

Hans Isaacson; Unsplash

Hans Isaacson; Unsplash

Of course, when it gets hot, we look at the water. Temperatures in the Great Lakes tend to be much cooler than the average lake due to its depth and size. case and point, Lake Superior, along the Upper Peninsula, is not only the coldest lake in Michigan, but the coldest lake in the country. Because of its size, depth, and how far north, the highest temperature in Lake Superior rarely reaches 70 degrees. In fact, the average high temperature in August is around 65 degrees, while at the peak of the cold, around March, it will dip to right at freezing: 32 degrees. So, even when temperatures on Earth reach record levels, Lake Superior continues to stay cool.

Of course, the ultimate “cool” holiday is Christmas, but it’s not always celebrated year-round…unless you’re in Frankenmuth. the Crest Kindle Market (Christmas Market) is open all year, and can transport you to the middle of winter, the height of spiced cakes, cookies, and hot chocolate. It might also be worth noting that Frankenmuth also holds one of the largest winter festivals in the state, Snowfest, every year. Something “cool” to look forward to.

I know it’s hot now, but don’t worry, in a few months we’ll be complaining about the cold, just as we’re complaining about the heat now. It is only a matter of time.

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