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India, due to its tropical climate, is prone to extreme weather conditions. Global warming has exacerbated this problem. Perhaps this is the reason why cities like Bengaluru known for its pleasant weather are seeing an acute demand for air coolers and air conditioners.

The air cooler is mainly located between the air conditioner and the fan. It is relatively inexpensive, but provides perfect cooling effect like air conditioner without the need for an outdoor unit and complicated installation process.

If you are planning to invest in an air cooler, here is an easy guide to help you choose the right smart air cooler that is energy efficient and provides optimal cooling.

What constitutes an air cooler as a smart air cooler?

If the air cooler is an Internet of Things (IoT) connected device, it can be considered smart. This means incorporating Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa for voice control, app support with remote access, inclusion of sensors to inform users of the water level, and an optional screen that can display various parameters.

Similarly, a smart air cooler can also include an option to set fan RPM (revolutions per minute) to automatically adjust airflow to increase, decrease or maintain room temperature.

air coolers Different types of air coolers (Image credit: Bing Image generator)

Different types of smart air coolers

Air coolers come in different shapes. A small smart air cooler, which can be placed on a desk or table, is known as a personal air cooler, and is usually enough for one person. Similarly, there are desert type smart air coolers that are meant for larger spaces and are a bit noisier than other forms of air coolers.

Then there are the room air coolers, which are sufficient for small bedrooms, and finally, one can also opt for a window air cooler. Depending on individual requirements, one can choose the air cooler that best fits the bill.

Other factors to consider when purchasing a smart air cooler

Just like most electronic gadgets, some smart air coolers also come with an energy star rating, which indicates the energy efficiency rating of a smart air cooler. A product with a star rating is more efficient than one with a four or three star energy rating.

Personal air cooler Symphony Duet is a sophisticated personal air cooler with a discreet design (Image credit: Symphony)

The best small smart air coolers of 2023

The Symphony Duet is a sophisticated personal air cooler in a discreet design. The air cooler offers automatic rotation and also has an electronic knob control panel, which makes it a little smarter than similar products. Priced at around Rs 3,500, this is a pocketable air cooler that is easy to carry around.

Havells Cool Mate, priced at Rs 5,000, is also a compact air cooler with a remote control for touchless operation. It offers 36 degrees of oscillation, quieter operations, and optimal cooling for one person.

Room air cooler It also has a small LCD remote control that can show the temperature in real time (Image credit: Havells)

Best smart air coolers for room in 2023

The Symphony Tower Air Cooler is an affordable, smart room air cooler that also comes with a remote control. Priced around Rs 11,000, this particular model offers 150 square feet of coverage and uses honeycomb cooling pads to enhance water retention.

The Havells Fresco i Portable Air Cooler costs Rs 9,499 and offers access via a remote control. It also has a small LCD remote control that can show the temperature in real time. It is equipped with honeycomb cooling pads and has a water tank of 24 liters.

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Another interesting option is the Orient Electric Cloud 3 fan that we recently reviewed. Priced at Rs 15,999, this air cooler has a standing fan form factor and comes with a remote control for easy access to various features and settings.

Desert air cooler Although it’s not as smart as the Optimus 65, it does come with a remote control (Image credit: Orient Electric)

The best desert smart air coolers of 2023

The Optimus 65 IoT smart air cooler from Crompton is available for Rs 21,500. This particular air cooler is Google Home and Amazon Alexa certified, allowing users to control the device using voice commands. Similarly, it also comes with Android and iOS My Crompton mobile app support for cooling and speed control, allowing users to access the cooler remotely.

Orient Electric Ultimo is also a desert air cooler. Although it is not as smart as the Optimus 65, it does come with a remote control and costs Rs 14,000. This air cooler has a modern design with a small digital display on the top.

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