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Football is back, and it looks like we are already seeing some brisk weather NFL Week 1.

this NFL The weather article will highlight extreme temperatures, precipitation, and most importantly, high winds that we can see across the world. NFL landscaping this week.

If a game isn’t specifically listed in this week’s report, then the weather is calm enough not to be an issue for that particular game.

NFL Weather report and forecast for the first week

As always, it’s best to stay on top of the latest predictions, so follow me on Twitter @Kevin Rothox and my monitor NFL weather page.

A reminder that while temperature and rain/snow can affect the game, the biggest impact by far is coming from high wind games, so I’ll be looking to highlight those locations when possible.

Thursday Night Football

Detroit Lions @ Kansas City Chiefs – Moderate temperatures, light winds, no rain. Perfect start to the 2023 season.

Sunday Home List

Houston Texans @ Baltimore Ravens – Possibility of scattered rain.

Cincinnati Bengals – Cleveland Browns – The wind continued at about 10 mph, which shouldn’t be enough to cause any problems. I’m going to keep an eye on it to make sure the wind doesn’t get a little stronger, because this stadium is very wind sensitive and we’ve seen major wind effects here in the past.

San Francisco 49ers @ Pittsburgh Steelers – chance for some rain.

Arizona Cardinals @ Washington Commanders – Possibility of scattered rain.

Green Bay Packers @ Chicago Bears – sustained winds of 10 mph. Mild enough not to have much of an effect.

Las Vegas Raiders @ Denver Broncos – Low chance of rain or storm.

Philadelphia Eagles x New England Patriots – Possibility of scattered rain.

Sunday Night Football

Dallas Cowboys @ New York Giants – Chance of some rain.

Monday Night Football

Buffalo Bulls x New York Jets – Dry with light winds.

The effect of weather on fantasy and betting

The big story this week is that scattered rain and storms carry over into the East Coast games (pal, washno, New York). The good news is that it’s still very windy in all of those matches, so it’s just a rain issue.

I don’t think rain is usually something that calls for fancy twists and/or stakes, especially days ahead of schedule. If it looks like a real flood, we can reassess that closer to kick-off. We won’t really know if it’s going to rain or how much it will rain in each specific match until Sunday morning, so it’s definitely a “stay tuned” type of forecast. I’ll be posting the radar gifs on Twitter as we get closer to kick-off, Kevin Rothox on Twitter.

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