BGSU students, administration beats the heat in innovative ways

BOWLING GREEN, Ohio — Even though the heat index on Thursday did not reach 104 degrees, it was still incredibly hot and humid.

Air conditioning is one of the first things that comes to mind when trying to beat the heat. However, not everyone enjoys it, as is the case in some campus housing at Bowling Green State University.

Both the students and the university administration have come up with something to help everyone stay calm.

Ben Battey, BGSU’s chief wellness officer, said the university knew Thursday was going to be hot, so they created a water-filled agenda.

“There were slides,” Patty said. “Shave ice for them, lemonade. To make it a more enjoyable experience for them. And interestingly, talking to students today, even in some of those residence halls they say it actually made them bond together more closely.”

Haley Barfield and Sophia Conti, both freshmen who live in Kreischer, told WTOL 11 they have made peace without air conditioning by making sure they have fans.

“I took out four fans and on my windowsill, one of these little fans pointed at me while I was sleeping,” Barfield said. “I don’t think that’s a problem. I’m a freshman so I think it’s important not to stay in and out of the dorm too much.”

Conti said she and her roommate made a good investment.

“My roommate and I finally got an industrial fan. It was worth $50,” she said.

Conte said she is able to accept this is the way things are because her sister teaches at Ohio State University and has been without air conditioning for some time.

“She had an apartment building that didn’t have air conditioning,” Conti said. “I was able to get a portable one where you can put it in the window and everything. But they don’t allow that here because it’s a fire hazard.”

Freshman Ellie Crump is lucky enough to live in air-conditioned housing. But she sympathizes.

“In my classes, they complain about it all the time. I feel bad for them,” she said.

To make sure students do not overheat, officials made activities free and kept cooling centers open until at least midnight.

Although none of the first-year students regret being a Falcon, there are some reservations.

“I would probably think twice about living on campus because I live close to campus. If I didn’t have air conditioning, I would probably live at home,” Crump said.

BGSU eventually plans to install air conditioning in all residence halls, but there is no set date for when that will be.

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