Blog: Great local weather… until the end of the week.

The local weather will be very pleasant for the next three days. High pressure is building into the region from the west, and the cold front is offshore.

Regional weather map

We’ll get plenty of sunshine today through Thursday. High temperatures will be in the upper 70s to low 80s today during that time.

Temperature trend

Low temperatures will be in the 50s and 60s tonight, but more in the 60s Thursday and Friday morning. The humidity has dropped, making it very cozy and fall-like.

Mogi meter

Humidity will rise by the end of the week. A coastal depression is expected to develop to our south. This will push a lot of moisture into our area by Friday.

GFS Form (Friday)

Models show an area of ​​low pressure forming around Florida within a couple of days. Then it slowly rises northward along the coast. The final solution of the GFS model has a kind of dichotomy. It actually has a weak low Friday night near shore with a larger low moving offshore on Saturday.

GFS model (Saturday morning)

The latest European pattern keeps the main low to our south through the weekend, but is still pushing moisture higher our way. So some rain also fell late Friday with heavier rain on Saturday. However, it maintains the low in our south until Saturday now.

European Model (Saturday)

Rain continues in both models at least through Sunday.

The bottom line is that it looks like a rainy weekend, but as we get closer to the time, the forecast will likely change a bit. We still have some time to change expectations.

Meanwhile we are tracking Hurricane Nigel in the mid-Atlantic. It was on a northwesterly track this morning, but is expected to curve to the northeast within a couple of days.

Nigel’s path

It will stay out of the sea, but will send us more waves over the next few days. Another tropical disturbance in the eastern Atlantic has a high chance of forming within the next 3-5 days.

Tropical weather forecast

The yellow area in South Carolina is that coastal depression I was talking about. It is possible that it will become tropical or sub-tropical, but we will see.

Be sure to check back for updates.

20 years ago, Hurricane Isabel hit our area and changed everything. It was a scary Category 5 hurricane while at sea. However, it weakened to Category 2 when it made landfall over the Outer Banks.

Isabelle’s path

The system weakened further as it moved across Virginia, but strong winds spread from the core of the storm. We had a lot of wind damage, tidal flooding and power outages in the area. This was the second highest tidal flood ever recorded with 7.9 feet recorded at Sewell’s Point (MLLW). Here’s a report on it from the National Weather Service: Isabel, NWS.

WAVY TV did an hour-long report on Isabel and its specific effects on the local area. Here’s the report: WAVY TV’s report on Isabel

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

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