Blog: The weather is great today! Rain chance update for Friday.

Blog: The weather is great today!  Rain chance update for Friday.

Today we will have some beautiful weather in the area! We started out with a lot of sunshine this morning.

Cam tower this morning

We have high pressure over the area with a lot of dry air in the area.

Regional weather map

We will have light southerly winds developing. High temperatures will be aiming for the upper 60s to near 70 degrees.

Temperature forecast today

Try to get out and take advantage of the nice weather if you can. Meanwhile, more rain is falling across Florida. Some parts of Florida are moving from drought to flood with heavy rain falling there today.

Radar this morning

There is a weak area of ​​low pressure below that forms along a stationary front. This low will move to the northeast during the next two days. It is expected to stay offshore, but tomorrow will push moisture into our area. The problem is that we will still have a lot of dry air in our place. Therefore, rain chances continue to decrease until Friday. Right now, I have increasing clouds in the forecast with some scattered showers in the area.

Future sees you tomorrow afternoon

I only have a 30% chance of rain in the afternoon and evening with a slightly higher chance on the Outer Banks. The largest rain areas look to stay offshore. By Saturday, the low will move away from us towards the northeast. Meanwhile, a cold front will roll in from the west. Once again moisture appears to be chewing away as the façade slides east. So there are likely only some isolated showers that have this feature.

Path of the Future (Saturday)

High temperatures will be in the low 60s. We will be dry and cold on Sunday and Monday with high temperatures in the upper 50s. The weather is looking good for any early traveler this weekend.

Next week there will be another system that will try to bring us some rain. That will be the Tuesday and Wednesday before Thanksgiving. This one looks different. It looks like a huge area of ​​rain with a lot of moisture coming from the Gulf of Mexico. I have more confidence in that person who will bring us some rain. The timing is bad though as many will start traveling for the holidays. I’ll talk more about that in tomorrow’s weather blog.

In the tropics, we’re still seeing that tropical disturbance in the Caribbean. It has a moderate chance of forming as it moves toward the northeast. It can become depressed over the next 1-3 days.

Tropical weather forecast

Whether it organizes into a system or not, it will likely bring some heavy rain to Jamaica, Cuba and Haiti.

The other little feature off the American coast is that low level I mentioned. It will stay offshore, and has little chance of becoming tropical.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

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