Bluffton, SC weather forecast and conditions – The Weather Channel

Bluffton, SC weather forecast and conditions – The Weather Channel

Please see my email below to President Passement.I have also sent this to the rest of the Beaufort County Council, and the Daufuskie Island Council, regarding the ferry ride to Daufuskie Island on Friday evening: Dear Chairman Passement, I am writing to please reconsider your position on awarding Daufuskie Island the ferry contract to the Lowcountry Ferry. We had a very scary experience on Friday evening as we took the 4pm ferry to our property which is now a vacation rental. We live in Bluffton and took our family from out of town to the island for the weekend. We were hesitant to take the new ferry due to safety concerns, however, we felt we should give them a chance to succeed. When we boarded the ferry, it was sunny, although storm clouds were far away. Once we started, the storm quickly overtook us! The second manatee was struggling in the heavy waves that crashed into the boat. The passengers were forced to gather in the cabin, showing clear distress and anxiety. Meanwhile, most of the passengers' belongings were outside, and were not protected by any type of container. The crew put thin covers over each luggage cart, but our cart exploded and fell into the sea along with some of our groceries. Many of our remaining items were destroyed. Our bags were completely soaked inside as well. We have been spared these inconveniences, and even more alarming is the seaworthiness of the vessels used by Lowcountry Ferry, with the lives of passengers at risk. I'm not being dramatic when I say that being in that boat under those conditions was a very scary experience. I can speak from experience regarding the ships formerly used by the Daufuskie Island Ferry, as my husband and I lived on the island for years before moving to Bluffton and rode that ferry several times a week. Under similar weather conditions, we never felt unsafe, and our luggage never got into water (or went overboard), as DIF provided waterproof cargo containers. In addition, DIF made regular announcements about the locations of life jackets, which were located under our seats on the previous ferry provider. On this trip, there was no announcement of the location of life jackets and no way to safely retrieve life jackets stored upstairs and outside, in the weather we encountered. I only knew their location, as I had previously been informed by the present inhabitants of the island. Please reconsider the ferry operator, before a tragic event occurs! Lives cannot be replaced!

Daufuskie Island


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