Brutal cold temperatures are affecting much of the United States

Brutal cold temperatures are affecting much of the United States

Millions are under winter weather advisories and advisories

NBC News

As of Saturday night, 45 million people in the United States were under a winter weather warning, according to the National Weather Service.

A wind hail warning affected more than 30 million people and a wind hail warning was issued for a further 63 million. A winter storm warning was in effect for 18 million people.

The Great Lakes region is covered in snow

Rebecca Cohen

Cities along the Great Lakes and in the region continue to be affected by major snow storms tonight and into tomorrow, with warnings from the National Weather Service that 1-2 feet more snow will fall on some parts of the region through Monday.

Whiteout conditions are expected in lake-affected snow bands as the arrival of cold air generates more heavy snow, the weather service said. Parts of western and southern New York State will see an additional 12-24 inches through Monday and parts of Michigan expect more than a foot.

chicago It has already seen 6.7 inches of snow, with other parts of Illinois recording more than 13 inches. The area is expecting another 1-2 inches tonight.

milwaukee Snow on the ground is 10.1 inches, and nearby Waukesha, Wisconsin, is in the 14-16 inch zone.

Buffalo Up to 8-12 inches of snow is expected tonight and into Sunday before unloading on Monday. Detroit There are only a few inches at the moment, but we will likely see more as the storm continues.

By 6 am, Twin cities About 2 inches of snow was reported, but other areas of the state to the south and areas near the border in Wisconsin are already seeing more than a foot.

Possibility of snow falling in New York City tomorrow

Rebecca Cohen

New York City may see snow storms, strong winds and cold temperatures tomorrow, the New York City Department of Emergency Management said in a warning issued on Sunday.

A cold polar front is expected to blow through the area Sunday afternoon, bringing the potential for blizzards, resulting in low visibility, gusty winds and short periods of moderate to heavy snowfall.

Storms often last less than 30 minutes but can be as severe as a “mini-blizzard,” the weather alert said. City residents should be prepared for up to a half-inch of snow on the ground and winds of 40-45 mph from 12 noon to 3 p.m.

Roads can get slippery during snowstorms, but because of New York City’s moderate temperatures, they shouldn’t become icy.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams said the city would work to treat the streets with salt, but he asked New Yorkers to stay off the roads if there is a blizzard warning in their neighborhood.

Kansas City leads at half, but Miami wins the weather game

Jimmy Knodel

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Chiefs may be heading into the locker room with the lead — they’re up 16-7 — but there’s no doubt that Miami is much nicer, the city of Miami is.

It’s 69 degrees in Miami, which is quite steamy when compared to what it feels like in Kansas City: 23 below.

This weather is cold enough to freeze your mustache off, just ask Chiefs coach Andy Reid.

Underfloor heating, side heaters and wet suits: how players stay warm at Arrowhead Stadium

Rebecca Cohen

Although there are patches of ice covering GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium, conditions in Kansas City look worse than they actually are, as players tell NBC Sports Kylie Hartung said they didn’t have any problems during warm-ups.

That’s thanks to Arrowhead’s underground heating system, which consists of boilers that pump heat into thousands of feet of pipe, which acts “like a radiator to warm up the grass and roots” to keep the field from freezing completely, Hartung said.

Hartung reports that each player has a different strategy — Dolphins’ Raheem Mostert wears a sleeveless jumpsuit. Each team’s sideline has heated seats and space heaters that pump air to keep players — like Tyreek Hill, who said he wears short sleeves because he doesn’t want to look “soft” — and coaches warm.

See the full report on NBC Sports.

The Governor of Nebraska declares a state of emergency

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Nebraska Governor Jim Palin declared a state of emergency, citing “extremely dangerous conditions.” Up to two feet of snow fell in some areas over the past week, and wind chills were well below zero.

“This event will not disappear tonight. It will not disappear tomorrow, it will take several days,” Beilin said in a press conference.

About 1,700 miles of highways in Nebraska were closed. Colonel John A. Bolduc, chief of the Nebraska State Patrol, said state police assisted more than 400 stranded motorists.

Wind chill in single digits in Portland, Oregon

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The Portland, Oregon, office of the National Weather Service says cold temperatures in the metro area reached the single digits this afternoon.

“Frostbite can occur within 30 minutes if you are not dressed appropriately.” He said On the social media platform X.

It warned of several trees in the area, and the Oregon Department of Transportation and the Road Services Agency in Multnomah County, which includes Portland, posted… the pictures From trees or huge branches Resting across the roads.

The weather service said strong winds of up to 45 mph were expected in northwest Oregon and along the state’s central coast. She added that wind gusts of 50 mph are possible in the Puget Sound area. Federal forecasters said 2 to 4 inches of snow was expected in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains.

Low visibility in Pocahontas, Iowa

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Warm before the storm in North Texas

Claire Cardona

DALLAS — It was nice and sunny earlier, just long enough to walk or bring in plants before the weather dropped below freezing until Wednesday afternoon.

The temperature at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport reached 63 degrees today, but temperatures dropped quickly, dropping to 31 degrees as of 6 p.m.

Winter precipitation It is expected to start tomorrow afternoon. Dallas-Fort Worth is expected to see mostly sleet and freezing rain through Monday morning, but up to a half-inch of snow is possible. Northeast metro area.

Kansas City Chiefs fans — and Taylor, too — gather to root for the Chiefs

Jimmy Knodel

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The city was assembled ready to host one of the coldest games in NFL history.

Many fans at Arrowhead Stadium for the playoff game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Miami Dolphins tonight spent part of the day holding a dress rehearsal.

They gathered and tried on hats, blankets, base layers, clothes and battery-powered shoes this afternoon so that they would be as prepared as possible for the sub-zero temperature in the stands.

Leaders made some weather accommodations — allowing blankets, cardboard (to stand on) and portable chargers to power hot clothes; Establishment of heating stations. Offering hot coffee and chocolate to designated drivers – but there’s not much you can do when it’s 24 degrees below zero.

And while they’ll likely watch the game in a heated suite, the most popular Chiefs fans came dressed in winter gear, too.

Taylor Swift, who is dating Travis Kelce, arrived from Chiefs wearing a coat bearing her boyfriend’s name and number. (But if it’s been in the elements for any length of time, you’ll want to squeeze it in!)

Rebecca Cohen

Travis Kelce is among a number of players who chose to wear only short sleeves for tonight’s sub-zero game.

Others include Dolphins star receiver Tyreek Hill and Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes, who, despite adding a long sleeve under his jersey, raised one arm to expose his skin.

Rebecca Cohen

Miss Swift is watching the game from above in her regular suite at Arrowhead Stadium, but the windows are icier than usual.

Cameras caught her looking through a steamy glass with icicles hanging just before kick-off – but she looked very warm inside.

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