Butterfield Bermuda Championship weather forecast and forecast

Butterfield Bermuda Championship weather forecast and forecast

We’re gearing up for the Butterfield Bermuda Championship this week in Southampton Bermuda, and for a place famous for storms that bring down ships and planes… we’re going to go pretty easy.

As usual with my golf weather forecasts, we focus on the wind more than the rain. While rain can stop play if it is heavy enough, it also helps soften and slow the course, which helps as much as it hurts. With the wind, there is no advantageous aspect; It’s all a negative effect. The effect can lead to significant differences in recording. My goal is always to try to highlight the time frame with the lightest winds, and the time with the strongest winds, and see if there is a cumulative advantage of one wave over another. You can then use this to your advantage when making your choice DFS Websites and sports books.

Butterfield Bermuda Championship weather forecast

Thursday 9 November

The winds are calm all day with no rain, the only perfect weather day we will see.

Friday 10 November

Winds should start out at around 5-10 mph, then gradually increase to 15 mph by the afternoon. There is also a chance of some rain in the afternoon.

Saturday 11 November

As of now, it looks a bit breezy early Saturday (15 mph) and a little less breezy late Saturday (10 mph). Bathing is possible.

Sunday 12 November

Our best chance for rain comes Sunday, as well as increasing winds that should start out at 10 mph and reach 15-20 mph by the afternoon.

Weather ideas for the Butterfield Bermuda Championship

As I mentioned in the introduction, when it comes to finding a usable and predictable edge PGAWind is much more important than rain. In the case of the Butterfield Bermuda Championship, you can best enjoy the weather on Thursday and Friday by going with a golfer late Thursday/early Friday. This does not mean that I expect dramatic splits between the morning and afternoon waves, but rather I expect only a slight margin on both days. Weekends can be more interesting, but pinpointing the weather in Bermuda for multiple days is a bit difficult, as I don’t have the full arsenal of forecasts that I would have for a course in the US. Stay tuned @Kevin Rothox For the latest.

For the latest information on expected changes to the Butterfield Bermuda Championship, follow us on Kevin Rothaux on Twitter Or check out my main forecast page.

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