Capital Area Forecast: Extreme humidity today, multiple storm chances

A somewhat subjective assessment of today’s weather, on a scale of zero to 10.

5/10: Rain and storms likely in the morning and afternoon. Maybe one or two strong storms. Feeling oppressively steamy by the end of the day.

  • today: Waves of rain and chances of storms. sultry. High 80s to nearly 90.
  • Tonight: Chances of strong storms are diminishing. Lows: Near 70 to mid-70s.
  • tomorrow: Older and less humid. Highs: near 90.
  • Sunday: Mainly sunny. Highs: Low to mid 80s.

Two rounds of rain and storms are possible today. will keep you posted. Very wet and breezy conditions are expected later this afternoon and tonight with dew points high into the mid 70s. Tomorrow is clearer and less humid with comfortable air likely to return on Sunday. Welcome and higher rain chances may return during the work week.

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Today is Friday): A morning round of shaking is possible, along with a late afternoon wave. The sky will be partly sunny, with occasional clouds, which will destabilize the atmosphere during the next round of the storm. Highs are mostly upper 80s or around 90 degrees. Very high humidity (dew points in the mid-70s) can make some unlucky areas feel close to 100 degrees. Confidence: average

Tonight: The chance of a strong storm may not diminish until after sunset. As dew points continue to hover in the low to mid 70s, our air temperatures are slowly falling into that range as well. Maybe some fog in spots. Confidence: average

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tomorrow is Saturday): Partly to mostly sunny skies with humidity slowly decreasing. A decent day for outdoor activities! A stray rain or storm is possible, but the chances are low. High temperatures in the upper 80s to low 90s are a good bet. Confidence: medium-high

Tomorrow night: Slight chances of rain or a flash thunderstorm rise slightly overnight. Low temperatures are trying to cool into the mid-60s outside the Beltway, with around 70 degrees possible downtown. Confidence: average

Sunday: Cool conditions, with acceptable dew points below 65 degrees, should be pleasant with little heat index to speak of. High temperatures on the thermometer will reach the highs in the mid-80s under mainly sunny skies. Confidence: average

Sunday night: The chances of clouds and rain will increase slowly, especially after midnight. Temperatures in the mid 60s to 70s are about as cold as we’re going to get, assuming dew points rise toward wetter levels overnight. Confidence: average

Increased clouds and increased chances of rain Monday and Tuesday. Stay tuned to get a better idea of ​​rain amounts and timing, but later Monday and perhaps most of Tuesday feature good rain and storm chances. This may prevent temperatures from getting warm past the mid-70s to low 80s. Not a big surprise, but the humidity can be quite steamy again. Confidence: low-medium

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