Cold and snow may return Thanksgiving week in Colorado

Cold and snow may return Thanksgiving week in Colorado

After a warm week that saw highs in the 60s, next week looks largely different.

DENVER — Unusually mild weather this week could mean you’re dreaming of hosting an outdoor Thanksgiving meal next week. But don’t be fooled: It looks increasingly likely that colder weather and possibly snow will fall next week, starting Sunday.

A shift in weather pattern will likely bring cooler weather across much of the state on Sunday and Monday. While details aren’t available yet, temperatures 20 or even 30 degrees colder than this week look like a safe bet for next week across almost all parts of the state, with mountain snow also falling this weekend.

Snow and cold temperatures will likely seep into the mountains starting Sunday as a weaker area of ​​low pressure moves in from the west. This will likely bring some snow to the mountains on Sunday and Monday.

Plan for some snow and wind if you’re traveling through higher terrain on Sunday, although there are no details beyond that at this early stage.

Regarding impacts on the front range and lower elevations like Denver, we will likely need a few days to resolve some of the significant differences in computer forecast models. Some rain and/or snow is likely in Denver on Sunday and Monday, but at this point, it doesn’t look like we’re in for a major snowstorm or very damaging storm.

The cold weather in Denver will likely start in earnest on Sunday, and it could have some impacts on the Broncos’ home game against the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday at 6:20 p.m. (you can watch that game on 9NEWS). While a major snowstorm doesn’t seem likely, some rain or perhaps snow and colder weather in the game itself does seem likely. Stay tuned for more details as the game gets closer.

This cold weather will likely continue into next week as an upper level low, or long area of ​​low pressure, settles over the western and central United States, potentially keeping things cool throughout the week and into Thanksgiving.

Although there are no specifics, it’s certainly a fairly safe bet that next week won’t be as warm as this week. So, if you’re a fan of warmer, drier weather, enjoy it while you can — because the weather more typical of mid-to-late November will return next week and just in time for Thanksgiving.

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