Cold and wet weather forecast for vacation

Cold and wet weather forecast for vacation

The authority said that people traveling to remote islands should pay attention to possible changes in ferry and flight services due to high winds, sea waves or fog.

  • By Shelley Chan/Staff Reporter

People planning to travel during the Lunar New Year holiday, which runs from tomorrow to Wednesday next week, should be alert for temperature changes, the Central Meteorological Administration (CWA) said yesterday.

As of today, rain chances are increasing in northern Taiwan due to the arrival of a continental cold mass and a rain front moving from southeastern China, said Lu Yayin, senior specialist at the bureau’s weather forecast center.

She added that temporary rains are expected in other parts of the country.

Photo courtesy of the Central Meteorological Department

From tomorrow until Lunar New Year’s Eve on Friday, chances of rain increase across the country, with cold and rainy weather expected in north-central Taiwan, in southern Taiwan, and in Yilan, Hualien and Taitung counties.

“Motorists should be alert as rain may cause slippery roads. Travelers heading to remote islands should pay attention to changes in ferry services due to strong winds and sea waves during this period,” Lu said.

On Saturday, temperatures are expected to drop in northern Taiwan and Yilan and Hualien counties, as the country will remain under the influence of the continental cold wave, Lu said.

She added that temperatures in other areas will remain low during the day and evening.

She added that the weather is expected to be cloudy on the west coast on Saturday, with rainfall decreasing, while the chances of rainfall in the coastal and mountainous areas of the eastern coast remain high.

From Sunday to Monday, skies are expected to be cloudy to sunny across much of the country, with scattered rain expected in some parts of the East Coast, Lu said.

She added that under the influence of cold air mass and radiative cooling effects, temperatures will remain low in the morning and evening, with noticeable temperature differences during the day and night in central and southern Taiwan.

From Tuesday to Wednesday next week, daytime temperatures will rise significantly as the cold air mass weakens, but daytime and nighttime temperatures will remain low, Lu said.

She added that temperature differences between day and night along the West Coast will remain significant.

Skies are expected to be cloudy to sunny across most parts of the country, with isolated rain expected along the east coast, Lu said.

“As the weather becomes warmer, fog may appear on the west coast, and visibility in Kinmen and Linqiang (Matsu) County is likely to be low. “Travelers will have to pay attention to changes in flight services to outlying islands,” she added.

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