Cool mornings and afternoon sunshine this week, and heavy rain possible next week

Cool mornings and afternoon sunshine this week, and heavy rain possible next week

Good morning Central Coast! It’s Thursday, and here’s what we can expect into the weekend and extended forecast!

The next two days will see cool mornings and warm afternoons with continued windy conditions. Next week, we have a massive change in pattern that is expected to bring us rain. I’ll get into all of these details later in this article but let’s start with the cool morning temperatures.

Many inland valleys are dropping below freezing this morning, so don’t be surprised if you see widespread frost early this morning from Paso Robles all the way to Cuyama Valley.

Grab an extra layer before you head out the door, you’re going to need it! These cold conditions have also led to a frost warning being issued for the Cuyama Valley until 9am. This will be more widespread but most communities have already experienced a hard freeze and no longer need a warning.

There are still offshore winds dominating the pattern resulting in mild conditions each afternoon and keeping visibility clear during the morning commute as well. In short, the winds will continue (below advisory level) until the end of the week.

Temperatures this afternoon will be very comfortable, especially in the 70s for inland valleys and coastal communities. Temperatures on the western beaches will be a little cooler but not too much.

The same pattern of clear skies, cool mornings and mild afternoons will continue through the weekend with a slight rise in temperatures through Sunday.

At the beginning of next week, things will change dramatically. A strong low pressure system will push toward the West Coast, and while the worst of it is still far from the center, heavy rain is expected for the entire West Coast.

For us, this means it’s time to get ready. This storm may be impactful, but it may be more than just a lightning strike. Either way, we have beautiful weather leading up to it, take the time to prepare your property and clean those gutters. Dave Hovd and I will be closely monitoring this moving forward and will keep you updated!

For the next work week, we expect to see a shift in the weather pattern, as a Pacific storm system will move into the area around the middle of next week.

Don’t forget to download the KSBY Local Climate Forecast for the latest weather headlines across the Central Coast, especially as we approach the first big chance of rain of the winter.

Have a great day, Central Coast.

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