Cooling comfort: The 10 best fans to help you beat the heat

Cooling comfort: The 10 best fans to help you beat the heat

With temperatures peaking at 44.5C in Perth last year, this summer is shaping up to be a scorching hot one. But you don’t have to experience discomfort. With prices starting at $29.95, we’ve selected the best fans to help you stay cool from reputable Aussie retailers like Myer and The Good Guys. Whether you’re working from home or sleeping in a room without air conditioning, here are our top 10 picks.

1. Gold Air tower fan with remote, 91 cm, black

Camera iconGoldair tower fan with remote, 91 cm, black. credit: supplied.

Features include 3 speed settings, 3 wind modes, remote control, 12-hour auto-off timer, oscillation and integrated carry handle. This stylish design is ideal for cooling a medium sized room at an affordable price.


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2. DeLonghi 360 degree pedestal cooling fan

Camera iconDeLonghi 360 degree pedestal cooling fan. credit: supplied.

This pedestal fan features automatic 360 degree horizontal oscillation and manual 90 degree vertical oscillation which helps cool any room evenly. It has 3 speed settings, a remote control and a timer. Reviews also say it barely makes a sound!


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3. Yubao mini fan and power bank

Camera iconYubao mini van and power bank. credit: supplied.

This adorable little fan is perfect for your work-from-home setup and comes in fun colors like blue, green, and pink. It has 3 speed settings and charges via USB port.


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4. Dyson Pure Cool Tower Purifying Fan White/Silver

Camera iconDyson Pure Cool Tower Purifying Fan White/Silver. credit: supplied.

Demand for this purifying fan has been extremely high, and was recently back-ordered on the Dyson website. This product reports air quality in real time and circulates fresh air as well as cools it. The filter system combines an activated carbon filter to remove gases and contains a glass HEPA filter that captures 99.97% of allergens and microscopic pollutants. Online reviews say it’s worth the price!


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5. Goldair pedestal fan, 40 cm, GSPF110

Camera iconGoldair Pedestal Fan 40cm GSPF110. credit: supplied.

This cheap and effective fan is ideal for cooling small to medium rooms. Features 3 speeds, oscillation and adjustable height settings. It is also easy to transport so you can simply move it from one room to another.


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6. Dimplex 50cm High Speed ​​Oscillating Floor Fan Black

Camera iconDimplex 50cm High Speed ​​Oscillating Floor Fan Black. credit: supplied.

This floor fan features high-velocity airflow that is sure to cool the room in no time. Features adjustable tilt and 3 speed settings.


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7. New Klika Evaporative Air Conditioner, Klika Cool Mist Humidifier

Camera iconKlika New Evaporative Air Cooler, Portable Air Conditioner, Cool Mist Humidifier. credit: supplied.

Currently on sale, this evaporative air cooler/portable fan/cool mist humidifier does it all. Its low power consumption (only 60 watts) translates into significant savings on energy bills compared to using air conditioners.


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8. Gold Air desk fan, size 30 cm, white

Camera iconGold Air Desk Fan 30cm White. credit: supplied.

Featuring 3 speed settings, tilt and oscillation adjustment, this fan is a great addition to a home office or small room.


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9. 45 cm high-speed northern floor fan

Camera iconNordic 45cm high speed floor fan. credit: supplied.

This high-speed floor fan helps air flow throughout the house smoothly. It has 3 speed settings and can be easily carried around the house.


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10. Dimplex 7L Evaporative Air Cooler in White

Camera iconDimplex 7L Evaporative Air Cooler in White. credit: supplied.

Yes, this isn’t a “fan” per se, but if you’re looking for an alternative cooling method, it’s something to consider. Evaporative coolers naturally humidify the air – reducing dry air symptoms associated with other cooling methods such as itchy eyes, throat or skin. It also provides the added benefit of filtering out dust particles. With an 8-hour timer and 4 speeds to choose from, it is an environmentally friendly, healthy and cost-effective solution.


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