Daredevil suffers the betrayal of a close friend

Daredevil suffers the betrayal of a close friend

The following contains spoilers for Daredevil #3On sale next week

After the shocking discovery that Ben Urich, one of his closest allies, has been trying to close his house to young men by spreading false stories about children and Matt himself, Daredevil sets out to learn more about what has become one of its most honest characters. The Men He Knows cruelly manipulates fake news in a CBR exclusive preview next week reckless #3.

reckless #3 From writer Saladin Ahmed, pencillers Aaron Kuder and Farid Karami, inkers Cam Smith and Karami, illustrator Jesus Aburtoff and letterer Clayton Cowles, it continues the shocking new status quo of the Man Without Fear. After sacrificing himself to save the lives of his friends at the end of the previous one reckless Volume, Matt Murdock is resurrected as a priest known as Father Matt, who runs the St. Nicholas Youth Home, a special type of home for adopted children that specifically caters to those children who have a more difficult path in life, including a past. -Law (reminds us of Matt Murdock’s childhood). Matt has forgotten his past life as Daredevil, but his memories have returned, and he is back to patrolling the streets of New York City as Daredevil, although he also wants to continue being a priest in charge of this school for troubled youth.

Daredevil is being targeted by one of his best allies

Daredevil #3

  • Salahuddin Ahmed (w) • Aaron Coder (a)
  • Cover by John Romita Jr.
  • Alternative Virgin cover by John Romita Jr.
  • Variant cover by Josh Cassara
  • Variant cover of The Knight’s End by Dustin Nguyen
  • Daredevil is pounding the pavement and breaking bones in a crusade against the upstart gang terrorizing Hell’s Kitchen. But this crusade will bring Matt face to face with his greatest enemy – and threaten the lives of those closest to him.
  • 32 PGS./Rated T+… $4.99

In the previous issue, we learned that someone online was spreading lies about St. Nick’s Church, claiming that Father Matt was running a criminal organization at home, with the children under his criminal protection. These stories even prompted the New York City Police Department to come to St. Nick’s looking for answers (Father Matt told them to come back if/when they had a warrant).

After investigating who is behind this smear campaign, Matt is shocked to learn that his good friend, Ben Urich, the current owner of the Daily Bugle, is one of the most honest people Matt has ever known.

Marvel Comics’ Daredevil has officially become a man of God

In these preview pages, Matt enjoys traveling the rooftops of New York City once again as Daredevil. We see him sneaking into the Daily Bugle’s offices, but once he’s hidden in the space above Ben Jurich’s office, Matt is shocked to see Robbie Robertson, Ben Jurich’s second-in-command at the Bugle, arguing with Ben about these matters. Attacks on St. Nick’s, as it is devoid of any facts, but Urich shows no remorse for his actions and Robertson simply states that Urich is the sole owner of the Daily Bugle and what he says applies!

In the first issue of the series, Elektra was temporarily possessed by a demon, and it’s possible that could happen here with Urich as well. Matt is recalled from spy duty by his assistant priest, Father Jaffe, who reminds Father Matt that they have to deal with a visit to the house by Child Protective Services.

A deadly new gang called “The Heat” was introduced in the previous issue, and it’s likely that Father Matt or Daredevil (or both) will also have to take on The Heat in this issue as well, which is due out next week from Marvel.

Source: Marvel

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