Dublin Weather: Meteorologists warn of floods and ‘cyclonic’ winds in brutal 48-hour storm forecast

Dublin Weather: Meteorologists warn of floods and ‘cyclonic’ winds in brutal 48-hour storm forecast

DUBLIN residents are set to wake up to wet and breezy conditions with meteorologists in Erin warning that winds will turn ‘cyclonic’ later with a risk of localized flooding and gusty conditions over the next 48 hours.

This morning will start out wet and breezy with a little rain for a while. There will be a mix of sunny spells and rain in the afternoon with temperatures ranging between 11 to 13 degrees.

Tonight will see the beginning of a mix of clear spells and scattered rain, followed by more general rainfall, becoming very heavy in places, with a risk of localized flooding. Met Eireann says that “variable cyclonic winds will also increase in strength” with strong or even gusty westerly winds developing.

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“Some strong and damaging winds are likely,” they added. Meanwhile, Carlow Weather’s Alan O’Reilly echoed the views of the national forecaster by warning that “bad storm conditions” are on the way due to a low pressure system and that official warnings may be on the cards.

“This low system tonight and tomorrow morning is now looking very bad as the latest weather models show it bringing very strong wind gusts early Monday morning with very heavy rain,” O’Reilly wrote on social media. “Watch the forecast and expect warnings to be issued.”

“More than 30mm of rain and gusts of over 100km/h as this storm develops rapidly as it moves into Ireland. Weather models are struggling to cope but the latest high-resolution ensembles have increased the risk of damaging winds significantly!”

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