“Escape From Tarkov” patch 14.1 will be released tomorrow and the snow will be removed

“Escape From Tarkov” patch 14.1 will be released tomorrow and the snow will be removed

Developer Battlestate Games has announced a new release Escape from Tarkov The patch will be released tomorrow, February 12, and will likely remove the snow effect that has been added to all maps since the beginning of the year.

Patch for Escape from Tarkov It will arrive at 7:00 AM GMT/2:00 AM EST tomorrow, February 12, with an expected four-hour downtime during which you won’t be able to play the game at all. No patch notes have been released, and these usually arrive when a patch installation begins. However, with this being a larger patch, you can probably expect quite a few big changes, certainly more than the balance patches and bug fix patches we’ve gotten recently.

While we may not have official patch notes yet, there is one change we expect to see based on a teaser from Tarkov devs. In the post announcing the patch, Battlestate Games included an image of the weather forecast, showing the change from snowy to cloudy weather. This likely means that the snow effect, which was added to all maps at the beginning of the survey, will now be removed and the maps will return to normal.

For many players, this will be a welcome change, because while the experience is great at first, some will get tired of the white maps and how easy it is to spot a player running through the snow due to their massive color contrast. the snow. But personally, I’d be sad to see snow falling, as it made things feel different, made it easier to spot players, which made things a lot easier for a bad player like me, and made night raids playable without night vision due to the brightness of the snow.

As for what else might be included in the patch, no one can be sure but many are hoping for further changes to the armor system which has been shown to be buggy in some situations. in the last days Tarkov Players have found instances where shields have been bugged and blocking too much or too little damage and no one seems sure why.

It is likely that no major new content will be added to it Tarkov With the patch, and with most of the new content that comes with a new wipe, and with the next wipe still months away, we likely won’t get any new events either. We’ll only know for sure when the patch notes will be released tomorrow, but it might be a good idea to grab the free Lunar New Year gift before the patch is released, just in case everything breaks.

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