Evening briefing in Central New York: January 29

Evening briefing in Central New York: January 29

Good evening, Central New York. We’re wrapping up your day with the top stories you need to know and your weather forecast.

Your weather chart

The weather will continue to be cloudy tonight, with temperatures dropping to the teens and twenties.

After tonight, the weather looks quiet into midweek with temperatures mostly in the 30s to near 40 degrees. The wintry mix arrives on Thursday and turns to snow on Friday.

Lows: 15 – 26

Tomorrow’s forecast

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Big stories today

1. Maine-Endwell Schools Benefit from Solar Energy

With more than 6,200 solar panels, spanning 15 acres, Maine-Endwell is moving its school district into the future. The solar farm is located on a plot of land next to one of its primary schools, and supplies energy to the entire area.

2. The removal of Trump’s business empire would stand on its own under New York’s fraud statute

Within days, Donald Trump will likely be ordered to “dissolve” his sprawling real estate business empire over his repeated misrepresentations of lenders’ financial statements, adding him to a short list of fraudulent marketers, scam artists and others who have been hit with the ultimate penalty for violating New York’s powerful anti-fraud law.

3. Cornell University Trustees Commit to the President

Cornell University’s Board of Trustees voted unanimously for the school’s president after a donor called for her resignation last week, according to a statement from the board. The campaign to oust Martha Pollack comes on the heels of the resignation of the presidents of Harvard University and the University of Pennsylvania following their comments during a congressional hearing on anti-Semitism on campus. Pollack was not part of that committee.

4. The Federal Reserve faces expectations of lower interest rates as inflation slows

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell will enter this week’s Fed meeting in a much more desirable position than he probably expected: inflation is nearing the Fed’s target rate, the economy is still growing at a healthy pace, consumers are continuing to spend and the unemployment rate is low. Near the lowest level in half a century.

5. Democrats target 3 seats in New York in the annual “red to blue” list in an effort to control the House of Representatives

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has released its first “red to blue” slate for the 2024 cycle. Three New York candidates earned a spot, an indication that the DCCC is investing in these specific candidates and sees the districts as potentially volatile in the upcoming election.

6. The IRS worker who leaked Trump’s tax returns was sentenced to five years in prison

The Internal Revenue Service employee who leaked the tax records of former President Donald Trump and thousands of other wealthy Americans was sentenced to five years in prison on Monday. Charles Littlejohn pleaded guilty in October to disclosing income tax returns despite lacking the authority to do so.

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