Excessive heat warning as Reno expects to approach record 108 this weekend

Excessive heat warning as Reno expects to approach record 108 this weekend

The extreme temperatures are expected to subside on Monday, but temperatures will remain in the 90s, about 5 degrees above seasonal averages.

The temperature in Reno is expected to reach 107 degrees this weekend, one degree shy of the all-time record of 108 degrees.

This puts the largest small city — as well as Pyramid Lake, Carson City and surrounding areas — under an “excessive heat warning” from noon Saturday until 8 p.m. Monday.

Reno temperature records

Reno never actually reached 107 officially, according to the National Weather Service. He’s hit 106 and 108, but not 107, so if the predictions are right, he’ll be first.

The National Weather Service’s “probability guidance” gives Reno a 20% to 25% chance of equaling the record of 108 degrees, which has been reached only three times before: on July 5, 2007, and on July 10-11, 2002.

There is a 10% chance of reaching 109 degrees and breaking the region’s all-time hottest record.

When will it cool down?

The weather service says the extreme heat will begin to ease starting Monday and into next week, when temperatures will remain in the upper 90s, about 5 degrees above seasonal averages for this time of year.

A slight chance of thunderstorms will occur Sunday night, rising to a 20% chance of showers and thunderstorms on Monday.

Where to get out of the heat

The City of Reno has a heat advisory page under the Community Emergency Services section of its website with details about the four city-operated pools and other regional heat relief resources.

Due to the planned swim meet, Idlewild Pool will not be available for open swimming Friday through Sunday. But “open family swim” is available at Traner Pool daily from noon to 4 p.m

Splash pads and water toys are also available at several parks in Reno: Cyan Park, Idyllwild Park, Las Brisas Park, Panther Valley Park, Pat Baker Park, Silver Lake Park, Summit Ridge Park, Wetland Park, and Urie Park. .

Reno has several indoor art galleries featuring regional artists that are also a great opportunity to get out of the heat: Metro Gallery, McKinley East and West Galleries, and Canyon Flats Video Wall. For a complete list of art galleries and hours of operation, visit the art galleries webpage at Reno.gov.

Where can homeless people go during a heat wave?

Nevada Cares Campus is located at 1800 Threlkel Street in Reno and is open for day services from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., and its dining tent is open for sun retreats with water access.

“We also have plenty of beds available — and they are available 24 hours a day as long as the beds are open,” Washoe County spokeswoman Bethany Drysdale said.

“The senior center is also an option, and there is a bus service from Cares Campus to the senior center. Libraries are public spaces people can use to escape the heat as well.

However, the Washoe County Senior Center is closed on weekends.

Fire fears

Low humidity and relatively high nighttime temperatures will give cheat grass a chance to cure, which means it will become more flammable.

Overall, the weather service says, vegetation has not yet reached a critical threshold this summer for fires, but that heat will help them get there, so be extra careful when parking on top of desert grass or pulling trailer chains.

Updated with information from Washoe County that the Senior Center is closed on weekends.

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