Fallen iguanas are in the weather forecast for Florida this weekend

Fallen iguanas are in the weather forecast for Florida this weekend

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Yes, iguanas are expected to molt again in Florida. Here’s why:

Some of the bitter cold that has been sweeping much of the country recently will finally make its way to South Florida this weekend, where temperatures could drop into the low 40s — a cold reading in this subtropical climate.

A cold blast can immobilize iguanas and cause them to fall from trees. The lizards begin to slow down in temperatures below 50 degrees and have been known to “freeze” when temperatures drop into the 30s and 40s, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Large iguana population

WINKNews Meteorologist Matt Devitt He said on X, formerly Twitter, on Thursday: “Fall iguana “It could happen this weekend in Southwest Florida as the coldest air of the season moves in Sunday morning.”

“We have very large numbers of iguanas from Sanibel to Cape Coral to Naples,” he said. “Locally, low temperatures will drop into the 40s, with wind chills in the 30s at sunrise.”

National Weather Service stations in Florida have issued informal “fall iguana” warnings before to warn residents of the danger of extreme cold and advise them that the lizards they may find on the ground are usually temporarily immobile and not dead.

“Iguanas are cold-blooded. They slow down or become unable to move when temperatures drop into the 40s. They may fall from trees, but they are not dead,” the weather service said.

“Don’t assume they’re dead.”

During a similar cold snap and iguana warning five years ago, well-meaning residents who found hardened iguanas were advised to leave them alone, as they might feel threatened and bite once heated.

“Don’t assume they’re dead,” Christine Sommers, who at the time oversaw the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s non-native fish and wildlife program, said during the January 2018 cold snap.

Iguanas are an invasive species in Florida known for eating through landscapes and digging burrows that undermine infrastructure.

“A nightmare in your house”

There are companies in South Florida that focus on iguana removal: Michael Ronquillo, owner of Humane Iguana Control in Miami, said it’s important to remove the iguana.

“A falling iguana can cause physical harm to humans and pets, and damage personal property,” he told USA TODAY. “We also strongly advise against bringing your iguana inside to keep warm if you find it unresponsive due to the cold weather, as when it wakes up, it can become a nightmare in your home.”

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