Farmers Almanac, NWS on the impact of El Niño

Farmers Almanac, NWS on the impact of El Niño

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According to Farmers’ Extended Winter 2024 Weather Forecast, the Southeast and Florida will experience a wetter than normal winter.

Overall, there will be average winter temperatures with little frost, a likely change from last year’s warmer-than-average winter, the calendar said.

“A few frosts may send a lot of shivers down snowbirds trying to avoid the cold and snow of their habitat,” the calendar says.

The first day of winter is Thursday, December 21, but weather winter begins on December 1.

Those who were hoping for a warm winter this year will be to blame for El Niño, which is expected to last until April 2024. This weather phenomenon refers to warming of the ocean surface or above-average sea surface temperatures in the central and eastern tropical Pacific Ocean. Ocean.

It will contribute to warmer and drier than normal conditions across the northern continental United States while bringing more rain and snow along the southern and eastern coast.

South Carolina could see precipitation 20-30% above normal during the months of December, January and February, said Scott Krentz of the National Weather Service at Greenville-Spartanburg Airport.

“We will have days where it will be cold enough for snow or freezing rain,” he said.

Farmers Advisory Almanac for Winter

The Farmer’s Almanac’s expanded weather forecast suggests times when you might want to pack up, buy hot chocolate, stay home, or plan a ski trip:

∎ The Pacific Coast and eastern states can expect the second week of January to be windy, snowy and wet.

∎ In mid-February, unseasonably cold temperatures will hit the southeastern states.

∎ In mid-January, the south-central states will see some storms and lots of cold temperatures.

∎ Heavy mountain snow will cover the western part of the United States, including the Pacific Coast Mountains, during the first week of February.

∎ During the second week of February, an East Coast storm affecting the Northeast and New England states will bring snow, cold rain, and low temperatures.

∎ North-central states can expect possible snow storms during the first week of March. Another storm on the East Coast will also bring “winter chaos” to this area in the first week of March.

∎ High terrain in New England may see potential late-season snowfall during the third week of April.

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