Fayetteville, North Carolina weather forecast for Thanksgiving 2023

Fayetteville, North Carolina weather forecast for Thanksgiving 2023

The Cape Fear area will see widespread rain for the first time in weeks as a strong front continues Tuesday. However, the circumstances will become clearer in time for Thanksgiving.

Holiday travel can be a bit chaotic for those with early plans. However, by late Wednesday, skies will clear with seasonal temperatures.

Here’s the setup

With the Cape Fear areas becoming increasingly dry, any rain is welcome. A strong storm system to our north should provide a little relief, perhaps as early as Tuesday.

The core of this storm system will remain to the north, pulling the frontal boundary through the mountains. Ahead of the system, a warm front will move up across the Carolinas, sending warmer, unstable air into the Cape Fear region. As a result, there is a slight chance of scattered showers Tuesday afternoon, with highs in Fayetteville reaching the upper 60s.

The chances of rain will increase on Tuesday night, with the possibility of southwesterly thundery winds and gusts of wind blowing over the area. There is also a small possibility that some storms will bring gusty winds. To the east, there is a non-zero chance of a flash tornado if conditions permit.

Rainfall totals will be higher in the Piedmont, with the heaviest rain falling late Tuesday into early Wednesday. Local totals can be up to one inch, depending on how long it takes for the system to move forward.

The rain will taper off Wednesday morning, ending in Fayetteville before lunch. Winds will swing back to the northwest, reaching highs in the mid 60s. Look for low temperatures in the city to be around 42 degrees, with lows in the upper 30s in the north and west.

Thanksgiving dawn will be clear and cool, with temperatures around 40 degrees in Fayetteville. The day will be sunny and seasonable, with high temperatures in the 50s to 60s degrees and light north to northeast winds. Lows should drop to around 45 with some cloud cover.


Black Friday has some clouds and a slight chance of rain thanks to a lower marine trough. For now, it looks like the bottom will remain too far offshore to pose any problems. Temperatures will reach 60 in Fayetteville.

Saturday and Sunday look a bit cloudy but dry. Look for highs around 60 on both days, with lows near 40.

Down the road

There will likely be another chance of rain by Tuesday and Wednesday, but temperatures won’t be anywhere near enough for freezing rain – just cold rain.

In the tropics

Things are looking up as hurricane season ends. There are a few interesting sites, but the conditions are simply too hostile to expect development.

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