Flood warning in 10 states amid winter weather alerts

Flood warning in 10 states amid winter weather alerts

Flood warnings have been issued in 10 states as heavy rain continues to hit the US

The National Weather Service (NWS) warned of flooding across the country, as far west as California and into Florida in the southeast. The forecaster said heavy rainfall would likely cause flooding in communities along rivers.

The frigid temperatures that prevailed over the past week will melt in some areas on Tuesday thanks to low pressure systems. NWS weather maps show rain moving north from the Gulf of Mexico over the southern and eastern coastal states, while a separate Pacific front moves over the western regions.

As of Tuesday morning, the NWS has issued warnings for Arkansas, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas and Washington. Newsweek I contacted the NWS for comment via email on Tuesday.

Winter weather alerts, including rain and freezing rain forecasts, are active in 17 states. NWS maps show snow is expected in New England states, with pockets of freezing rain expected in areas of the Midwest, including Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa and Michigan.

Flood warnings have been issued around several rivers in Texas. Up to 7 inches of rain is expected to fall around the Sulfur River, impacting Franklin, Titus, Morris and Red River counties. The minimum amount of rain expected across Texas is 2 inches, according to the latest warnings.

The northward deluge also sparked warnings in other Southern states, including Louisiana, Georgia, Florida, Arkansas, and North and South Carolina. Several rounds of heavy rain are expected Wednesday night in Louisiana and Arkansas, with Interstates 7 and 51 expected to flood in the latter state.

In North Carolina, minor flooding is expected in several areas, with some warnings remaining in effect through Thursday afternoon. In South Carolina, warnings remained in effect until late Wednesday evening, with areas around the Great Pee Dee River affected by floodwaters for up to two weeks, the National Weather Service says.

In Georgia, the Altamaha and Satilla rivers are expected to flood in certain areas, with warnings in place until Wednesday and Thursday evening.

To the west, the Skokomish River is expected to flood through Mason County, Washington, and spillover is expected to spread widely over pasture lands and some local roads.

In the Midwest, four counties in Illinois were under an open flood warning issued on Monday. The Illinois River near Beardstown is expected to rise in the next few days, reaching its peak by Monday, January 29.

These warnings come after San Diego was hit by severe flash flooding on Monday, after record rains fell due to an atmospheric river in the region. “The San Diego River is slowly receding and is expected to drop below flood stage around 6 a.m. today,” the NWS said, but a warning is in place for the river and Fashion Valley until 6 a.m. local time.

The Meteorological Service advised anyone in areas likely to be exposed to flooding to exercise caution and motorists to reverse if they encounter floodwaters, saying that “most deaths resulting from floods occur in vehicles.” Residents in affected areas were warned to be “particularly vigilant at night when flood risks are difficult to recognize.”

A car drives down a flooded street after a major rainstorm on December 18, 2023 in Paterson, New Jersey. Flood warnings were issued in 10 states this week.