Florida Governor DeSantis declared a state of emergency before Invest 93L began brewing in the Gulf of Mexico

Starting Saturday at five in the evening Tropical Depression X Formed near the Gulf of Mexico. Continuing coverage of its path to Florida Go here.

The tropical disturbance in the northwestern Caribbean Sea and southern Gulf of Mexico is under increasing scrutiny as forecasters have dubbed Invest 93L, giving it a high chance of developing and leading to a state of emergency declaration in Florida.

The National Hurricane Center has been tracking the disturbance for a few days. The investment designation means the agency has stepped up monitoring of its system, which appears to be heading into the Gulf of Mexico.

What is investment?

The NHC gives a 90% chance that a tropical depression or tropical storm will form within 48 hours.

While it’s too early to know with certainty where Invest 93L is headed, Florida emergency officials said they are monitoring the system closely. It will be named Idalia if it becomes a tropical storm or hurricane.

“Futuretrack also shows that while it is likely to strengthen, it is still uncertain where this system could impact the U.S. So we will be watching the Sunshine State closely and throughout the Gulf Coast over the next couple of days.” “Whether we see it in Florida or not, heavy rain and potential flooding will certainly be on the table into early next week,” FOX Weather meteorologist Kianna Lewis said.

Here’s a closer look at Invest 93L.

Where is the 93L investment?

Invest 93L is located near the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico and produces a lot of rain and thunderstorms.

The disturbance lacks a center of circulation, which is necessary for the formation of a tropical depression or tropical storm.

Where is the 93L investment headed?

It’s too early to know for sure where Invest 93L is headed. Some computer models indicate that Florida will make landfall, but the forecast will become clearer in the coming days. Now is a good time for everyone along the Gulf Coast to review their hurricane preparedness plan.

“Once this gets going and is fully developed, we could see this impact on the Gulf Coast and the United States, and possibly the Sunshine State, within days,” Lewis said. “It won’t take much more than two to four days to see that impact over parts of Florida.”

He urged Floridians to prepare

Florida emergency managers said they were monitoring the system closely.

“What we’re most concerned about right now is the flooding issue on the (Florida) peninsula,” Kevin Guthrie, director of the Florida Division of Emergency Management, told FOX Weather on Friday.

Guthrie expressed concern about the possibility of a tropical storm or low-level Category 1 hurricane making landfall in the Nature Coast or Big Bend area just north of Tampa Bay.

New to Florida? Here’s a guide to help prepare for your first hurricane season

“The Gulf of Mexico is very warm now. So we don’t know exactly what we will face,” he added. “But we’re going to be preparing over the next three days, over the weekend, as if we were going to have a Category 1 hurricane and making those preparations, asking people to listen to their local emergency managers.”

The threat of tropical development may Gov. Ron DeSantis urges Floridians To prepare for any impacts, a state of emergency has been issued for half of Florida’s 67 counties.


Invest 93L appears destined to move into the Gulf of Mexico, but its future strength and whether it will make landfall remains uncertain. Everyone along the Gulf Coast should review their hurricane preparedness plan and prepare to take action if necessary. Watch Hurricane HQ on FOX Weather and download the FOX Weather App for the latest information.

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