Found it on the map – Hawk newspaper

Found it on the map – Hawk newspaper

From New York to San Francisco, artists love writing songs about their favorite cities across the country. No matter where you live, there’s likely a song about the place you call home. If you’re traveling during the break, here are six songs about cities across the United States that will get you from point A to point B.

“I Hate Boston” – Renee Rapp

Sorry to all you Bostonians out there, but Rene Rapp probably won’t be touring here anytime soon. On her new album, “Snow Angel,” she raps about how her love for Boston was tainted by her former lover. Blending soft instrumentation with powerful vocals, this rock song will make any listener hate Boston too.

“Miami” – Will Smith

Philadelphia native Will Smith decided to trade the city’s cold winter for a hotter party scene. “Miami” pays homage to Floridian funk in true late-90s fashion, and uses a hip-hop beat to highlight all the wonders the city has to offer. As the cold weather begins to hit campus, try channeling your inner Miami vibes and party like you would in a city where temperatures are rising.

“Welcome to Hollywood” – Beyoncé song. Jay Z

At the beginning of her solo career, Beyoncé attracted all her fans to the glitz and glamor that comes with life in Hollywood. “Welcome to Hollywood,” which features her now-husband Jay-Z, is an early 2000s hit that highlights the stardom that comes with the territory. This song will attract any listener’s attention to all the lights, cameras and events in the area.

“New Orleans Knives” – Eric Church

New Orleans is known for its music scene, and this time it serves as the backdrop for Eric Church’s hit “Knives of New Orleans.” In true country music fashion, upbeat country music is intertwined with a wild adventure story filled with guilt, acceptance, and betrayal. True crime fans get excited and listen to the ongoing chase in New Orleans.

Los Angeles – Olivia Olson

Sometimes living in a city changes your personality, as happened with Los Angeles native Olivia Olson. In her song “Los Angeles,” Olson sings about all the wonderful qualities she has acquired in the city by using a quiet, independent voice. Although Los Angeles may not be for everyone, this song is a great judge of the character of anyone who wants to move to the City of Angels.

Philadelphia Freedom – Elton John

There was no other way to end this list than with the city that calls home to everyone in St. Joe. A song dedicated to John’s friend Billie Jean King and the soul of Philadelphia, “Philadelphia Freedom” is one of Elton John’s most famous songs. This song perfectly encapsulates the Philadelphia vibe with its country and uplifting rock melody, even if it focuses on other aspects of St. Joe’s hometown.

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