Gelato La Boca delivers Argentinian gelato straight to your doorstep

There’s not much that can beat getting a cold tub of gelato delivered to your door in the scorching Texas heat. In fact, it was those hot summer days that inspired Dallas locals Owen Carlson and Martin Pereira de Olazabal to launch La Boca Gelato, a unique service that brings the joy of fresh gelato right to Dallas’ doorstep. The old friends drew their entrepreneurial inspiration from their trips to Buenos Aires, where Pereira spent much of his childhood.

“People always associate ice cream with Italy,” comments Pereira. “But we want to show them that there is a rich culture of gelato in Argentina as well. In fact, this is what we think is some of the best gelato in the world.”

If you’re looking to test their claim, the opportunity is there. The company began delivering ice cream in Dallas two months ago. And it might be a good way to enjoy a scoop of authentic Argentinian gelato without giving up the comfort (or air conditioning) of your home. It seems very strong to us.

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The customizable package allows you to choose 3 or 4 flavors to taste together.

Anisha Hola

Although these parts are unique, getting gelato delivered directly to your door isn’t an entirely new idea. In fact, the concept is deeply rooted in Argentine culture, where gelato delivery is almost a tradition of sorts.

“In Argentina, ice cream has a culture that brings everyone together,” Pereira tells us. “That’s what we’re trying to replicate here: that feeling of being at the dinner table with your family and having a tub of gelato for everyone to share.”

It’s not a lie: the portions are definitely designed for sharing. Even the smallest servings of Gelato La Boca (starting at $13) can feed two or three before they mercilessly scrape your bottom. Core flavors like Cookies & Cream and Milk Chocolate are sold with a signature dulce de leche ribbon woven throughout, along with other unique Latin flavors like Passion Fruit and Fruterra Juice – a creamy blend of banana, strawberry and peach. A deluxe $30 gets you a 35-ounce tub of gelato with up to four flavors of your choice. Choose from fruity sorbet, creamy chocolate (white or milk) or indulgent options like Banana Chunks – a wonderfully flavored banana gelato studded with fluffy chocolate chips and rolled in GLB’s homemade dulce de leche.

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Choose from flavors like mango sorbet, creamy dulce de leche, or decadent banana chunks.

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As of now, Gelato La Boca has a limited coverage area, extending from Deep Ellum north to Interstate 635. If you live within the delivery area, orders can be easily placed from the new company’s website or app. Otherwise, GLB’s gelato cart also makes occasional appearances around Dallas, allowing you to try flavors like Chocolate La Boca or Mint Slice — speckled with Belgian chocolate chips — without committing to a full tub.

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Gelato packets come in different sizes (shareable).

Anisha Hola

This is no ordinary gelato experience. The ultra-creamy gelato base, house-made dulce de leche, and melt-in-your-mouth blend come together in a trifecta of smooth, sweet, and addictive. It doesn’t hurt to have it brought straight to your doorstep.

The 105 degree Texas weather brought at least something good.

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